Friday, August 27, 2010

Look Mom, No Hands!

Without a Project365 post for two straight weeks (way to be a slacker, eh?), I figured some of you might want a little Jakie-Fix. So, we thought we'd show off our new trick!
Yes we're sitting! At our last appointment, the pediatrician had predicted that the little man would be crawling before he was sitting up (and we agreed with her at the time) because he has been trying to scoot now for over a month. He really had zero interest in sitting up for the longest time and we could hardly even get him to bend at the waist. And then just recently he's been accidentally rolling from a crawl into a sitting position until voila!- we have a sitter. Granted, he topples over with any distraction (ooooh- shiny!) so we can't quite leave his side yet, but it's a pretty exciting (and oh so cute) new trick. I just love how proud he looks... we're so proud, too, buddy!

After taking the picture above, I zoomed in and snapped this next one. When I looked at it though, it kind of made me sad because our tiny infant baby is turning into a little boy right before our very eyes. I've been coping okay with him getting big- granted, I've had no choice since he's always hovering in the 90's for height and weight percentile- but every time I turn around he just looks so much older. I feel like one of these days I'm going to turn around and he'll be standing right in front of me asking if he can borrow the car. Okay, maybe I'm getting a little dramatic (and sappy... this post alone is making me tear up a bit... can I still blame pregnancy hormones 5 months after delivery?) but I will let you take a look and see for yourself.

Our little beefcake... 5 months old and just as cute as ever!
We hope you all have a fun and happy weekend! We love you!


  1. He is so stinking cute. And yes, you can blame pregnancy hormones for a whole year - my nurse told me so. Score! ;)

  2. Thank God! Cause Cai is now 9 months and I get emotional about everything with him too!
    Cai and Jakie are so much alike it seems. Can you believe Cai is walking now!!!! Time is just flying! I cant wait to see you guys here in a few days!