Thursday, September 2, 2010


Jake apparently has a flair for the dramatic. I'm not sure where he gets that from because neither of his parents are remotely dramatic. Oh no sirree, not at all! But Jake has been teasing us for quite some time with his attempts at crawling, even proving the pediatrician wrong that he would crawl before he could sit, which he seems to have mastered this week. Again, both of his parents would never dream of doing something just to prove someone wrong. Never.

We have, however, made progress. We've gone from just sitting on our hands and knees and rocking back and forth to a full-on "inchworm" type approach. I will let you see for yourself.

I am actually enjoying my non-crawling son and hope that he builds the suspense for another four months or so. Our home is in no way kid-proofed (in fact, I'm pretty sure Babies 'R Us is going to own our family after the amounts of money we'll have to fork over to make it remotely safe for a bambino) and I quite enjoy sitting at my desk or on the couch and glancing over every now and again to see that he's only made it about 3 feet in 30 minutes. Now that's an average I can keep up with. I fear the day that I glance up and he's across the room, and I know that day is coming quickly!

In other news, our bathroom is shaping up nicely and should be done by the end of the weekend, at which time I will post the most recent progress and photos. There were a couple of hang-ups (most of which were caused by yours truly) but we're getting there. And just because it's Friday and he's oh-so adorable, I'm including another video of Jake giggling. This is about a 4 on a 10-point scale of how hard he gets himself laughing sometime, but Daddy was not around to bring the numbers up. Daddy is apparently the funniest man on the planet. And no, he's not enjoying that at all!

Last night I realized that my little blog about life in Mauneyland has turned into a full-on Jake-fest... all Jake, all the time (not that you mind)... but I'm getting back in the mood to start posting about random musings of the like. You know, with all of the free time that I have! So even though I make no promises, here's to hoping that we'll see more posts in September than in previous months.

In case I don't post over the weekend (which would totally negate my previous statement) have a happy holiday weekend! We'll be here painting, grouting, and installing a toilet if you get bored and want something FUN to do!

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