Thursday, August 26, 2010


WE HAVE WALLS! Well, drywall anyway.

It's certainly starting to look like something. It's slow going during the week since Josh works, but he has come home every night and done something to make this little bathroom look a wee bit better. I look forward to Mondays now (who does that, right?) because that's his day off and a huge chunk of the project gets done. I'm sure he doesn't look forward to Mondays right now!

Next on the to-do list includes putting the drywall on the ceiling (we're just going to cover up the old one... we learned our lesson with Jake's room), tape and mud on that, a second coat of mud on the drywall, sanding it all down, pouring the concrete for the shower floor, and then we get to the "fun" stuff... tiling, painting, and finally all of the things I can help with! Although, to my defense, I did rock at putting liquid nail in the screw holes and seams of the shower. A week ago I did not even know what liquid nail was. If you're pondering the same thing, you can find your answer here. It can be the one new thing you learned today.

With all of this going on, my Project365 has been put on the back burner (after two full weeks... what an overachiever I am!). But aside from an evening at the county fair (which is pretty much the same as last year, so if you want to see pictures you can check out last year's post) and several trips to Menard's (which is our Midwestern version of Home Depot for those of you who are wondering), the bathroom has pretty much consumed all of our time. In fact, after standing in the tile aisle last night and stressing about our choices, we left the store and made a beeline for Buffalo Wild Wings. Nothing says stress relieve like playing trivia and eating Buffalo Chips... it was a good call indeed. So just let me get through this weekend and I'll start back up next week. And hopefully by then I'll have many new bathroom pictures to post.

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