Friday, May 16, 2014

Five On Friday: Sweet & Funny Lil

Happy Friday! Since I kicked off my Five on Friday adventures with the funny things Jake has been saying lately, I thought Lilly deserved her own post, too. This girl has been using full sentences since she was 16-months-old, so we already have plenty of stories from her 2 1/2 years of life! Plus, she rarely stops talking, so that helps, too. She's such a mess, but goodness I love that girl! Here are some fun little things Lil has been talking about lately:

For the longest time if you would ask Lilly her name, she would say, "Me." But then sometimes we'd say something, such as "Oh gracious!" and she'd respond with "I'm not Gracious, I'm Lilly!" so we knew she knew her own name! Here lately she is finally saying Lilly, but the other day someone told her she was goofy, and she replied, "No, I'm not Goofy. I'm Minnie Mouse!"

On the way to church on Easter Sunday, I was trying to get the kids to talk about Jesus. I asked them who God's kid was, but they weren't really following. Finally I reminded them that God's son was Jesus, and said, "You already know that God loves you very much, so do you think that Jesus, God's son, loves you, too?" Without hesitation Lilly answered, "Yes, mommy. Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so."

One of my favorite things that Lilly has made up is when she informs me that she has lots of snotties in her nose. Here lately she also says "Oh my gosh!" a lot (in context) and it's just so funny to see this tiny person say it seriously!

We went a span of a few weeks during potty training that she could pee on the potty, but she was not grasping the concept of #2 on the potty. I kept her in undies and I would try and keep an eye on her, rushing her to the bathroom if I thought she was about to go (or was already going). One day I caught her, and after already messing up her pants, I put her on the toilet in case she wasn't done. Nothing happened, but she looked at me and said, "I think I really need to learn how to poop on the potty." It was more the way she said it, so seriously, that made me laugh out loud. Thankfully it wasn't long after that when we turned the corner and now do all of our business in the potty. I am one proud mama.

And since potty training is on the brain… the other day we were driving home from a friend's house when she told me she needed to go. I asked her if she could hold it until I found some place to start. She looked at her empty hands and with a panicked voice she said, "But Mommy, I have nothing to hold!" The next day we were driving to school when she told me again that she had to go. She followed this up by asking me if I could give her something to hold. Haha! I had a Qdoba rewards card in my cup holder, so I handed it back to her and she was able to "hold it" until we got to her school!

I have been so very blessed with this girl, that is for sure, but I can definitely tell that "sass" is just a built-in girl thing. Sometimes you worry that you're raising a child with an attitude, and I am thankful to know that just like many moms (especially moms of girls), I think I get the brunt of it. I was having one of those weeks where I doubted all of my parenting abilities when Josh and I had to travel out of town. When we travel she usually stays with Gramma, but her Aunt Angie often comes and steals some one-on-one time with her, too. She sent me this text, and it was so very timely and reassuring, and it made my heart so very happy: