Thursday, July 29, 2010

Watch Me Grow!

We have officially made it a third of the year with a little one in the house and so far have managed not to mess him up too badly (we think at least). Our kiddo is still growing like a weed (too fast according to Mommy) and is just one majorly happy dude most of the time. Sure, he has his moments when his little teeth hurt (we think... there are some little buds in his mouth but nothing poking through yet) or when he is overtired or fighting sleep, but 90% of the time he is all smiles and giggles. Here is what Jake has been up to at 4 months of age:

Height: 26 1/2 inches tall (89th percentile)
Weight: 17 1/2 pounds (84th percentile

He is still our little rolly-polly man and flips and flops all over the floor for hours on end. He loves his jump-jump and I need to take new video of him in it because the little dude goes nuts in that thing! We joke that he's going to jump right out of it and/or have problems when he is learning to walk because if you stand him on his feet, he automatically bends his knees to jump. Jake is just as noisy (if not noisier) than he's always been and seems to have a whole lot to say, especially when he's laying on his belly. His fine motor skills are improving and he's starting to be able to see an object and actually grab it. It generally goes straight to the mouth, if he can get it there, but he often can't figure out exactly how to get it there! If he's in our lap he'll grab anything and everything in sight, but his favorite thing is paper (random I know). We've already had to buy a magazine in the check-out aisle because Mommy was silly enough to think that she could read it and hold Jake at the same time without him ripping out the pages. Personally, I think he was outraged by the fact that Carrie Underwood got married and is officially off the market. But hey, maybe he'll marry her daughter one day... who knows. The biggest change we've noticed, however, is his determination to crawl. The boy can scoot and roll all over the floor but works tirelessly to get himself up on all fours. The trouble is that he either has his head or his belly on the floor at all times and can't seem to get them up at the same time. The other morning he scooted backwards quite a distance, so we're not too far off from being able to move forward. Our doctor predicted that he would be crawling before sitting up on is own and even asked if we had someone coming to the house to work with him! I personally think that it's my influence of course. :) Only time will tell whether her prediction is right... he's getting pretty good at sitting up but doesn't have near the interest in that so we don't practice much. With all this said, it is certainly safe to say that Jake is the clone of his father- determined, strong-willed, independent, and will try and try to do something until he has mastered the skill. It's fun to watch, but scary to know that there are two of them now!

Taking his four month pictures was a bit challenging and it didn't help that my son's twin, Senor Crankypants, decided to come to the party instead. Here they are in what I like to call The Dissection of a Meltdown:

Seriously, Mom, do we have to do this right now?

But I don't wanna have my picture taken right now.

Fine. Whatever. Just take it. This is so lame.
Are you going to take it already or what? I haven't got all day!


Hee hee hee... even that face makes me smile! And for the sake of comparison, you can see his month one and two pictures here. And yes, silly Mommy forgot to take his three month picture. Oh well.

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