Saturday, July 3, 2010

To Tie You Over...

Okay, okay, so I know I've been HORRIBLE about updating my Mauneyland readers this past month! Now that I'm back at work, I feel like I'm in front of my computer all day long busting my hump so that I can be a good mommy whenever the little one is up and needing attention. So when I have some "me time" (yeah, like that ever happens!) there is no part of me that wants to sit in front of the computer. But enough with my lame excuses.... I'm here to at least tie you over until I can properly post a few things from the past month. I've heard complaints from 3 different people that I haven't shared anything new from my cutie-pie son, so to make up for it, you're not getting pictures, you're getting videos! Granted, everytime he's smiley and laughing, I don't think to pull out of the camera until we're on the verge of Senor Crankypants making an appearance. Compound that with the fact that Jake stares at the camera as if trying to figure out what it is rather than continuing to smile and laugh, and we get some pretty serious-faced pictures and videos. But regardless, he's still adorable. So here you go!

So as I said, there are more posts coming (let's call it a blogging bananza... or not) to include our trip to Florida (since mom asked, "So when are you going to blog about your Florida trip?" She wants to hear all about it, but last I checked, she was there and should be the one who knows all of the details! Sorry, Mom, just giving you a hard time), hopefully I can get Josh to post something about his trip to Brazil, Josh Van's birthday post (yes, this should be posted today), and our July 4th festivities since we have some fun plans. Stay tuned!

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