Thursday, July 22, 2010

Photo Shoot!

Back during my visit to Florida in June, my sister and I had the brilliant idea to do a photo shoot with our little cuties. Her son, Adam, was then 5 months, and Jake was just over 3 months old. We figured, how hard can it be? We have the right equipment, we found some good lighting, and surely 2 kids would sit still long enough to take some beautiful shots! Riiiiigggghhhhht. I won't go into how many pictures we took (thank goodness for digital photography), but I should probably do another post with just the outtakes! It only took 2 days of trying to realize that this was about all that we were going to get out of them. But with subjects as cute as my insanely adorable nephew and cutie-patootie son, they make it look effortless!

Perhaps we'll try again when they're both together again, but I'm not counting on an older age equalling less squirminess. We're in luck though because they get cuter by the day. I have a whole new respect for family photographers now, and don't expect me to quit my day job anytime soon! At least I have my own kiddo to experiment and improve my skills now. Maybe by the third or fourth kid (yes, I said third or fourth. No, we do not have plans on any more right this second. And you're right- we're really not planners, so you just never know) I will have this down pat!

1 comment:

  1. Two of the cutest boys ever!!!

    And you're nutso for thinking more than two ;)

    (Just kidding :))