Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day

Jake got a good one, that's for sure. For Father's Day we didn't do a whole lot around here, but the Papa in the house said that it was perfect. He delivered the world's best sermon (by far the best I've ever heard him... the Holy Spirit was moving through that man for sure!), was surrounded by great friends, prayed over by great people, then came home and had lunch and took the world's greatest nap. Today we rounded things out with a homemade breakfast of biscuits and gravy and tonight I'm cooking his favorite dinner. I'm loving these new holidays we get to spend together! But the best part? Jake gave his daddy a Tennessee Volunteers t-shirt... a BRIGHT orange one at that! It will hurt Jake's feelings if Daddy doesn't wear it!

Happy Father's Day, Josh! Jakie and I love you so much!

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