Wednesday, February 22, 2012

February Photo Ops: Day 15 - 21

I was so proud of myself when I started this project!  I thought, "look at me keeping up with my daily photos!  Yes, I am the world's greatest blogger." Ha!  Old habits die hard, friends, and finding the time to squeeze in postings is tough, but alas, I am back for the next installment of February photos.  What I do like about this project is that even though I don't post my pictures everyday (and sometimes it's ten at a time like today), it definitely makes me use my camera throughout the week and once I'm snapping away for the daily challenge, I usually grab a couple of the kiddos as well.  So this past week I have a lot more just everyday photos of the kids than I would normally have, which I love.  Plus, it keeps my blog at the forefront of my mind, so I'm more likely to come up with new ideas or stay up late to put one on "paper." We will have to see if this posting trend continues... I make no promises, friends!  But back to the subject at hand... my February photos!

[15 - Phone]

Because I use my beloved iPhone to take these pictures, I snapped a shot of its ugly stepsister- my work phone, which I used to love until all things Macintosh stole my heart:

[16 - Something New]

I feel like it's been ages since I really splurged and got something new for myself.  And for my birthday, I got mostly gift cards and money, neither of which I've had time to spend yet, so it was a challenge to find something to photograph for this.  But then I realized that instead of using it for "time," I could post a picture of the fancy-schmancy "lead pastor" watch I picked out for my husband as a launch day gift from our whole crew.  He's worked so incredibly hard over these past few months... he so deserves it!  She's a beaut, right?

[17 - Time]

It's official... I am back in training again to run a half marathon in the spring and hopefully a full in the fall (although I need to pick a new fall goal since my original plans of running Chicago went out the window since it filled up so fast!).  So this is the kind of "time" I've been focusing on lately:

PS - Make sure you stop the treadmill before snapping a picture of it.  Lesson learned.

[18 - Drink]

I love my mother-in-law for many, many reasons.  But introducing me to this is one of my favorites:

YUM!  Can't wait to share a bottle with her soon!

[19 - Something you hate to do]

At first I thought this would be difficult to narrow down.  I mean, there are tons of things I hate to do... take out the garbage, clean toilets, get out of a warm bed, cook... the list goes on and on.  But then I realized that hate is a very strong word, and I can't say that I actually hate any of those things.  Sure, I dislike them, but at the end of the day, I really don't mind them all that much.  So I thought long and hard and realized what I hate to do is something that I no longer have to do anymore, thankfully.  Because this chick hates to sit in traffic:

[20 - Handwriting] 

It's nothing special, but it's mine.  This is one of the many "To-Do" lists I make for myself for work.  There is nothing that makes me happier than crossing something off with a highlighter:

[21 - A fave Photo of You]

This one will forever be one of my very most favorites, thanks to the very talented Jan Scott.  Just me and baby Jake... before I got to meet him in person:

So as it turns out, I'm still a couple of days behind on this, but that's all I have uploaded so far so you get what you get, okay?  Hopefully I won't wait an entire week again to catch up!

And although it's completely off-topic, I would like to wish a very happy (day late) birthday to this man:

We love you, Dad... (and Grampa)!  Come visit us again soon!


  1. Ahem, WE bought him. WE. :)

    Yes, still one of my favorite pictures of you... aside from the self photo last week!

  2. Ahem... you are correct. I will amend it to say that I "picked out for him." :)

  3. I found you on Kelly's link up. Sweet family. I love the photo of you and Jake. PRECIOUS!

  4. Thanks, Tesha! I'm so glad she did the link-up... your story is so touching and your family is beautiful, too! Thanks for sharing.. I know others will benefit from reading about your journey.