Friday, February 3, 2012

February Photo Ops

I saw that a friend of mine is doing this and think I'll join in the fun.  I'm a failure at Project365, but surely I can take one picture a day for a whole month, right?  Especially since I've been given a topic and have my iPhone on me at all times now!  So here's the challenge, originally brought to you by Chantelle:

I'm not going to post them daily, but in spurts since that's kind of how I roll on this blog anyway!  So here are days 1-3:

[February 1 - My view today]

For a lot of my day, I sit in front of my laptop as I sell golf trips to a resort in Miami.  Pretty random for a gal who lives in Kentucky, right?  But it makes sense if you know the whole story!  Notice the jump-a-roo in the background... baby gear has pretty much taken over every room of the house!

[February 2 - Words]

For the first time this week, I started my day off with THE Word... which is always the favorite way to start my day.  Even though I hate getting out of bed early, I love being up early.  And when I do this and spend the first part of my day with Him, I feel like He rewards me with more time that day.  Weird I know, since every day has 24 hours in it, but somehow He makes it work.  [As a side note: I have no idea why this uploaded upside-down much less how to fix it!]

[February 3 - Hands]

I love photos of hands.  I have no idea why, but I feel like they can tell so much.  We have three separate pictures of just hands hanging on our dining room wall.  I didn't even realize it until I put the third one up, but they really do tell a story.  The first is a picture of mine and Josh's hands on our wedding day, the second is our hands on my Jake-belly bump, and the third is a picture of Lilly's tiny fingers clutching her daddy's hands just moments after she was born... quite possibly my favorite.  So as I said, they tell the story of our family.  But in this project I am committing to taking all new pictures, so here are my favorite pudgy fingers in my life these days:

I know we're three days in, but it's not too late to join up!  I think it's a fun idea and you can link your blog to her blog if you participate.  Tomorrow's does make me a little bit nervous as I feel a bit awkward taking a photograph of a stranger, but I'm sure I'll figure something out!  Happy Friday everyone and here's to more more blogging (I hope!) this month!

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