Monday, February 13, 2012

The Quick Facts

Somewhat like a birth story, it is going to take me a few days to really get it all into writing about how yesterday went.  But in a word... it was an INCREDIBLE day!  To see people pouring into the place and the auditorium filled to capacity was certainly something to celebrate.  So I promise a longer post later, but  to tie you over, here are the quick facts:

  • 285 people total... a stark contrast of our very first launch meeting which resulted in FOUR people showing up!
  • 42 of those people were in our kids' services (5th grade and under)
  • At least 9 people committed their lives to Christ
  • Many many connection cards filled out with names of people who are excited and want to get involved!
Man it was a great day!  Although it's not up yet, Josh's sermon will be posted online soon, so when it goes live I will let you know.  I'd like to say the hard part is over, but now we have to make sure they want to come back!  It's really just the beginning...

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