Monday, February 13, 2012

February Photo Ops: Day 10 - 14

Two posts in one day... say what???  Who is this person and what has happened to the real Kim?  I guess this photo challenge is keeping me from disappearing like I normally do mid-month.  Or maybe it's because the stress of the launch is behind us.  Who knows... but I think I like it!  So continuing on with my pictures this month:

[February 10 - Self Portrait]

So here's the deal... I forgot to take this on the 10th, so I actually took it on the 12th.  After our church launch, we had made plans to go out to lunch with a big group of people.  The restaurant misled us a bit and we thought we'd be seated much sooner than we actually were.  Jake had fallen asleep on the way over and so rather than waking him up, I just sat in the car in the parking lot while the rest of the group waited inside.  I was out there awhile and started getting really bored.  I caught up on Words with Friends, checked Facebook, and then started taking random self-photos.  Then I sent this to my sister (who was waiting inside) with the caption "Just in case you're missing me in there":

Apparently it made her laugh out loud and so she had to share it with everyone else.  In return, my sisters, mom, and nephew took a picture of themselves and sent it back to me with the caption "Wish you were here."  Yeah, my family is totally awesome.

[February 11 - Makes You Happy]

There are a zillion things that I could've taken a picture of for this!  My husband and kids (duh!), my family and friends, a clean house, the babies at bath time, my bed, my running shoes... the list goes on and on.  But I chose one of life's simplest pleasures... a latte from Starbucks always makes me happy (minus the price tag)!  Plus, I'm loving their Valentine's cups:

[February 12 - Inside your closet]

Since I am ridiculous and posted an ode to my closet when we moved into our house, I thought I'd take a picture of the kids' closet instead.  I am quite proud of the organization, and who can resist seeing tiny clothes hanging up everywhere?

By the way, I think every closet should have a window in it.  Sure, it takes up wall space but it's so nice to go pick out their clothes in that light!  Their closet is actually so big that it's become a bit of a playroom, too.  Can you find Jake in this picture?

Naptime doesn't always happen in his bed these days.

[February 13 - Blue]

My original plan was to take all new photos for this challenge, but when I think of blue, only one thing pops into my mind:

My Jakey has the most beautiful eyes... and they have been that color since he was about 2 months old.  Here's my cutie-pie when he was just a wee bit older than Lilly is now.  These days I can't get him to sit still long enough to get a picture of those eyes... I'm hoping it's just a phase.

[February 14 - Heart]

I did this one a day early, mainly because Lil was dressed up for Valentine's Day before Gramma had to leave town.  Who can resist a little ruffled-bum at nap time?

That sweet girl has my heart... big time.

Well that wraps it up for a few more days.  I hope you're enjoying these as much as I'm actually enjoying taking them!  It's just a little glimpse into our day to day world here in Mauneyland... nothing too exciting, but to me, it's perfect.  I wish you all a happy Valentine's Day tomorrow, too.  Josh and I really don't do anything to celebrate, since he knows I'd prefer flowers and a date night on a random Thursday instead, but I hope you all know that you are loved tomorrow and everyday.

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  1. I love Lill's 'lil ruffle bum! (My up-coming post will be on a ruffle bum I just completed.) But what I love most are her sweet chucky legs in those white tights!