Friday, March 9, 2012

March 9th???

Say what??!?!  I have been telling myself for days that I was going to get on here and post the rest of my February photo challenge pictures.  Project FAIL.  I've also been telling myself that I am going to get on here and finally post about our church launch that happened on February 12th.  Yes, a whole month ago already!  Post FAIL.  And don't even get me started about Lilly's 5-month post.  Yeah, we're zooming into month six and with Jake's second (can you believe he's two?!?!?) birthday next week, so I'm pretty sure that second child syndrome is going to kick in since he will soon take over the blog again.  Then today, I sat down at my computer and a reminder to link up with other ministry wives over at Kelly's Corner popped up and I thought to myself, isn't that supposed to happen in mid-March?  And then I checked the calendar and realized that somehow the first week and a half of March has gone by and I really have no clue how I missed it.  Life in the fast lane... it really will pass you by if you don't stop and look around once in awhile. Thank you, Ferris Bueller, for that gem.  Apparently my rock-star blogging pace did not follow me into March.  Soooo.... with so much to post (and so little time) I'm not sure which one of the many half-written posts to finish, but I guess I'll post the rest of my February photos since I would hate to leave a project incomplete.  Remind me next time I sign up for something like this, that it might not be the best idea for my scatterbrained lifestyle.  But here goes... days 22-29:

[22 - Where you work]

This could go one of two ways.  Technically I work here:

Beautiful, right?  This is the Doral Golf Resort and Spa in Miami, Florida.  And believe it or not, as of last week, we have officially been purchased by the Trump organization.  As in the Donald himself.  I'm not sure what that means as far as my job will go, so these next few months should be interesting.  As long as I can still work from where I actually work, we'll be all good... which is here:

Yep, I am a lucky woman who gets to work from home.  Our office needs a serious makeover, but it was Josh's until about two months ago so I just moved in recently.  Notice the breast pump on the floor and the rubber duckie on the desk, which proves that my "real" job in life is mommy.  That's the one I like best anyway.

[23 - Your Shoes]

These pretties and I are getting acquainted.  I'm looking forward to doing many miles together.  We are signed up to do our first half marathon (after a VERY long hiatus to have babies) in May.  I hope they are kind to me.

[24 - Your Bathroom Cabinet]

I almost protested this one.  There are just some things that should stay private and this is one of them.  Not because we have anything to hide, but because, well, I am a really clean person and this is one area of my house that is not.  And my house is clean because I use places like this to stash.  Yep, I'm a stasher... my husband is amazed that I know where things are even though they are hidden in the most obscure places.  I just hate clutter.  So instead of taking a picture of one of my stockpiles, I took a photo of the bathroom cabinet in the kids' bathroom.  Which now makes me realize that I have a brand new stashing spot that I need to take advantage of!

[25 - Green]

How could I resist?  Lil is going to look adorable on St. Patty's Day!

[26 - Night]

This doesn't happen often, so I'm glad Josh got a picture.  Falling asleep on the couch while watching a movie is one of my most favorite things to do.  Falling asleep on the couch with my two little ones is even better.

[27 - Something You Ate]

Your hand WILL get slapped if you reach in for a bite of this.  Jake is the only exception, and he loves it just as much as his mama.  Our afternoon snack is one of my favorite times of day.

[28 - Money]

This is where our spare change goes... Lilly has the pink pig and gets all of the quarters and Jake has the brown pig and gets everything else.  One day I'll count and make sure my system is not making one kid way richer than the other.  Then again, girls are more expensive, so this might just work out perfectly.

[29 - Something You're Listening To]

My Pandora stations... such a random mix I know.  Generally I shuffle through all of them until Christmas and then listen to holiday tunes 24/7 for 2 months.

I DID IT!  Granted, I'm 9 days past the end of the project, but who cares?  I DID IT!  .  As much as I enjoyed doing this (and I really did!) I think I'll pass on doing it every month.  Taking the pictures is no problem, but I am not a person who can just post the picture with no description so it's just not for me.  Because every picture really does tell a story.

So what will I do in March, you ask?  Well... even though I told you not to let me do any more of these kinds of things, I'm totally going to join in the wedding season link-up over at Fresh & Fancy.  I may not do all of the days, but I'd definitely love to share my wedding memories since I started blogging right after our big day.  For those of you looking for something to blog about in March (aside from the usual), you should totally join in, too!  Who doesn't love to read about and look at wedding pictures anyway?

Happy March, everyone!  Hopefully I'll do better from here on out... but I won't make any promises!

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