Saturday, March 5, 2011

You were right!

I figured my trivia would be pretty obvious and by now the news is officially out on Facebook (which makes all news "official" doesn't it?).  So you all guessed it right and...


Like our little Jakey, #2 is a pretty unexpected surprise as well, but I just can't get over how excited I am this time around!  Don't get me wrong, I was excited about Jake, too (at least after the initial few days of shock) but I think a little bit of anxiety and nervousness can cloud that a little bit the first time around.  This time, I'm just ecstatic!  I mean, now i know that I can handle a newborn and at least know somewhat to expect.  I know all babies are different, but with one under my belt my confidence level in my ability to parent has definitely improved.  I mean, so far so good with Jake, right?

So what's the scoop?  Well... due to that pesky blood clot situation last year let's just say that our methods of birth control are pretty limited.  As in, I have to do a pretty darn good job at keeping a watch on the calendar for potential baby making weeks.  And while I am very good at this step, I'm often times not so great at communicating that to my husband.  So let's just say that baby #2 is due to a lack of communication between the two of us!  In fact, I was certain of it the day it happened... I just knew.  Fertility runs in this family (and apparently on the Mauney side, too, since we're expecting  a niece on that side in July... yay!) and as easy as it was the first time around and based on the date, I had a hunch.  So I did what any patient (right!) gal would do and tested 5 days early.  Yep, the earliest you can possible test.  Again, I'm good at watching the calendar.  And what did I get?  A very faint pink line.  Emphasis on very.  So what did I do?  Waited a whopping 24 hours and tried again!  And what did I get?  You guessed it... the same thing as the first time!  And even though I know that a faint line is still a positive, I still needed more proof before I came out with it to Josh.  So I spent the loads of money on the digital test and BAM!  There it was in black and white: Pregnant.  Yup, I was right all along!

So then came the fun of telling the hubby.  Josh once told me that he wanted to find out in a "cool way" but all of my ideas included too much waiting (for particular occasions mostly) and I had already kept it to myself for three whole days!  Plus, my best friend was coming into town and I wanted to make sure I had told Josh before I spilled the beans to her!  So after I took the digital test my "super cool" way was to simply lay it on the sink downstairs and call Josh into the bathroom.  "Honey," I said, "I think there is something wrong with the bathroom sink."  "What's it doing?" he asked.  "Uhhhhh, it won't turn on," I replied.  I hadn't thought this through very well.  A confused look fell upon his face.  Granted, this is the bathroom that he slaved over to renovate (and I hadn't thought that part through either) so what I didn't realize was that all sorts of 'oh no, we did something wrong' thoughts were racing through his mind.  He got up, walked through the house and I followed him.  As we went through the kitchen he asked, "does the kitchen sink work?"  "Uhhh... I don't know.  I haven't checked."  He stopped and watched as I walked to the sink and turned it on, all the while I'm trying not to roll my eyes.  Just get to the bathroom already, was what I was thinking!  Of course, the kitchen sink worked fine.  So Josh walked into the bathroom (finally!), turned on the sink, looked at me with a concerned (for my mental health I'm sure) expression on his face, and walked out.  Seriously.  He didn't even see the test sitting right in front of his face!  "Ummm, I think you need to look again."  Insert concerned (for my mental health) expression again.  After a little more prompting he finally went back in there, but this time upon reaching for the faucet he just froze.  YES!  Then, as if in slow motion, he turned to face me, his eyes wide and mouth agape.  I quickly nodded and smiled at him as it all sank in.  Although it probably wasn't the "coolest way" to tell him, I thoroughly enjoyed literally seeing the wheels turn in his head as it all made sense.  "Seriously?" he finally said.  "Yep!  Congratulations, Daddy!" I replied excitedly.  I'm still a little surprised that he did not pass out!

It took a couple of days for it to really sink in for him and until we saw the ultrasound pics I think it just didn't really seem real.  Well, for me it did because I learned quickly that if I wasn't either eating or full ALL THE TIME that I would be nauseous.  Hence the six pounds I have already gained at ten weeks.  Nice!  But last week we got to see our baby lima bean and hear his or her very healthy heartbeat, so all is good in babyland.  But I'll just let you see for yourself:

Just look at those cute little stubs for arms and legs!  Jake got to come to the appointment, too, and see his little sibling, but he was much more interested in the lollipop that he got to eat!  And the stats?  Let's see, we are...

  • How far along?  10 weeks today, due on October 2nd
  • Feeling so far?  Pretty normal.  I had the not-eating-or-full nausea early on and wanted to nap all the time there for awhile, but even that has pretty much passed
  • Craving?  Oh gosh, everything!  A lot of fruit and veggies, but I'm just loving all food!
  • Gender preference?  We would love a girl considering that there are no girl grandbabies on my side of the family, but we'd love a boy, too, since they'd be 18 months apart and little buddies growing up.  My inkling is girl, and I was right the last time, but who knows.
With the baby news, I will admit that I took some time away from blogging in order to take naps instead, but hopefully I can catch up.  I have a ton of stuff to get on here about Jake's latest antics and I'm sure this week we'll add to it since Jake and I are visiting sunny Florida.  We've been here for less than 24 hours and have been outside non-stop!  So hopefully with all of the extra babysitters around here I can get caught up!  But of course, he now has to share the spotlight, so I might as well get him used to it early!


  1. Congrats again! I love how you told him, that's hilarious!

  2. Congrats!! I am so excited for you and Josh.