Thursday, March 10, 2011

Loving this...

My sister wrote the sweetest post about our little Jakie-boy.  Does that picture melt your heart or what?

This week Josh is experiencing life without the little one and I'm understanding what it feels like to go off to work all day and leave the kiddo behind.  I gotta tell you, neither scenario is one that I like.  Each morning I leave that sweet face and my heart breaks.  I spend the entire day missing him like crazy.  And on my way home I just can't seem to get there fast enough.  I know that Gramma is loving the time she gets him to herself, but I will never take being home with him during the day for granted again.  I have a whole new level of sympathy for you moms that are away from your kids all day, even though I know most of you love your jobs.  Still, I know it can't be easy.

Thank you, Aunt Mindy, for loving and caring for my son this week.  Jake is happy as a clam (although it doesn't look like it in the adorable picture you posted) and hardly even notices that his parents are not around.  And I love the observations... things we live with every day, but don't notice as anything out of the ordinary because it's just such a huge part of who he is.  You're right... he may forget the memories of this trip, but I know he'll remember his Aunt Mindy!

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