Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blog Woes...

Calling all fellow bloggers!  I was wondering if any of you are having any troubles posting video to your blogs lately?  It seems that every time I try to load one I just get the little spinning wheel at the bottom of the page telling me that Blogger is busy loading my video.  That doesn't ever go away and my video doesn't ever load... it's very strange and a bit frustrating.  Soooo... do any of you have that problem?  If so, is there a setting somewhere that I need to change?  All of them are pretty short clips from my Flip camera, so I can't imagine that they're too big to load.  I successfully loaded the last ones by uploading them to YouTube first, but I'm trying to get around the extra step, so any advice would be appreciated.  The videos I want to post are backing up and making blogging a challenge... I already have to squeeze in my blogging as it is, so these frustrations are not helping!

Ok, that's it... a little blog-venting I guess!  Please help if you've experienced this!  And a always, thanks for reading!  I promise some really good stuff soon!

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  1. You would be very surprised by how big even a 10 second video can be. I ran into trouble, too, and ended up changing the video settings on the camera so it wouldn't record at such high quality. Files sizes are still very large. I can upload videos easily from my still camera but have trouble with the files from the video camera. Check the file format and size on the video you are uploading versus video clips you've uploaded in the past.