Wednesday, March 16, 2011


My dearest Jakie-boy,

It seems like just yesterday we were anxiously awaiting your arrival and feeling like your birthday would never get here.  And now, before my very eyes, you have grown into my sweet little one-year-old and I already wonder where the time went.  Some days seemed incredibly long, especially there at the beginning, but now looking back it all went by too fast.  I hardly even remember you as a squishy little newborn anymore, which is good since it means that we are living in the moment.  Since I know every year from here on out will go by just as fast, if not faster, here are some things that I want to remember about you at one:

  • Although you walk everywhere you go, you do still lose your balance on occassion and get very clumsy when you're tired.  Watching you catch your balance always makes us laugh.
  • You look at lights and fans and say "dah."  I'm not sure what it means... Aunt Mindy thinks you're saying "that."  Although when we say "where's the fan" you can look up to find it, so who knows.
  • Your other words include mama, dada, ball (ba), book (buh), and dog (da).  Your favorite word is probably "dada" though and you chatter a lot.  You recently learned how to answer, "What does a cow say?" with "Oooooooh!"  So cute!
  • If we turn on music you always inevitably bop up and down to it, dancing to the beat.  I have a few videos, but have not yet figured out how to upload them yet.  Any time you hear music you stop what you're doing and try to figure out where it's coming from.
  • You walk around church like you own the place, and always beeline for the stage.  If I have you in the sanctuary, you're very good through worship and then try to talk over Daddy as soon as he gets up there.
  • You LOVE water.  The tub, the dog bowl, the toilet (ugh!), and even just spilled water on the floor.  Once we dripped some on the kitchen floor when doing dishes and you tried to lay and roll in it!
  • You have figured out how to turn up the volume on the system downstairs.  You like it LOUD and we are constantly fighting you with the remote to keep it at an acceptable volume.  I already see a long future of me telling you to "TURN THAT MUSIC DOWN!!!"
  • You are such a good sharer!  You are always trying to share your food with us and you sweetly gave your cousin Adam any toy you were playing with when we visited last week.
  • You also love babies (thank goodness since we have one coming!).  You practically try to climb in the carseat with them!
  • You have quite the temper, but only when we try to take something away from you or close a door when you want to go in that room (mainly the bathroom).  You basically scream at the top of your lungs for a few seconds and then you're over it.
  • You eat just about anything with vigor.  Grapes are probably your favorite though!
  • You sleep great, too!  You go right down for your naps with no fuss and wake up with a smile on your face.
  • Stairs are just too much fun!  You get up them rather quickly and recently learned how to slide down them on your belly.
  • You are ALL BOY.  You love to be outside in any weather or temperature and it immediately makes you happy, no matter what mood you were in.  You love to play in dirt, sand, or whatever else can get you dirty.
  • You have a healthy obsession with books, which I love!  I didn't think you'd ever sit still long enough, but now we can read one or two before bed and you almost always choose a book over a toy when you're playing by yourself (which you're very good at).
  • You've recently started hiding things (like your cousin and friend Cai do!).  I found a toy phone in the hamper today, a tube of drop-ins in the refrigerator, a mega-block in the dishwasher, and a can of hairspray in the toilet.  That one was my favorite.
Oh my I could go on and on and on and on.  It's amazing how much love your daddy and I have for you... it's completely immeasurable.  And every day we love you more.  At every month I look at you and say, "this age is my favorite" and I hope that continues.  I miss my squishy newborn but I love the little boy that you are.  You are so very special and I can already see so much of your daddy's drive and ambition... you will do great things, my son, and I am already so incredibly proud of you.  No matter where life takes you, just know that you are loved tremendously.  Never stop being my sweet-natured, happy, curious, lively little boy.

Happy birthday, baby boy.
Love, Mommy

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