Thursday, January 6, 2011

'Cuz You're My Best Friend

We had the pl3asure of having my sister, her husband Michael, and their adorable son Adam stay with us for ten whole days in December. There wasn't much of an agenda, but there didn't really need to be with two babies in the house. Adam will turn one in January and Jake's birthday is in March, so these two are pretty close to being on the same level. So for your Thursday morning viewing pleasure, brace yourself for a double-dose of cuteness:

Did you try the strained peas? I thought they were kind of dry, didn't you?

Quick! Sit still! Maybe they won't notice us hiding in here!

Seriously, dude... that was supposed to be MY puff. You're just lucky that this shiny table is so distracting!

Jake, what did you put in my juice?? It's GOOOO-OOOOD! And where are they taking us anyway?

Jake: I can't believe they're making us pose for another stupid picture. This is lame.
Adam: What Mom? I can't hear you! Must be all the paparazzi yelling at me!

The cuter we look, the less they'll notice what a mess we made, right?

And here's my personal favorite...

I get to hang out with my cousin AGAIN today??? ROCK ON!!!!

We miss you all already, but especially that little man of yours. Come back and see us soon... Jake is already tired of seeing 'boring-ol' Mom' everyday!

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