Thursday, January 27, 2011

Adam is ONE!

When people tell you that kids grow up too fast, they aren't kidding! When my sister, Mindy, was pregnant last year, it felt as if the wait was forever long for her kiddo to make his debut. But as soon as he got here, it seems as if 365 days have flown by in the blink of an eye. But one year ago today, I got one of the best text messages that I have ever received along with this picture:

Adam Robert Moreland had arrived! He was quite possibly the most "grown-up" looking newborn we had ever seen (probably due to all that hair he had!), but he was oh-so beautiful! I couldn't wait to squeeze him and it made me even more excited to meet our little one.

Seven weeks later, Jacob came along and much time was spent on the phone with Mindy as we shared stories. It's funny to me now, actually, because when Josh and I found out we were expecting we were actually a little afraid to tell my sister! She and her husband had been married for three years and this would be their first baby, so it felt a bit like we were stealing their thunder considering we had been married for all of two minutes. But as soon as we had them together for the first time, we just knew how special it would be for them to always have a cousin the same age. When Adam was ten weeks and Jake was three weeks old, they met for the first time... although, Jake looks nothing like himself. Adam, on the other hand, looks identical to the day he was born!

Even with her being in Florida and us way up here in Illinois, we got together when we could. We saw each other briefly in Georgia last summer (shown below) and then again in October when we "met in the middle" in Kentucky. And of course, the boys had ten glorious days together over the holidays.

Adam, you are one of the most handsome, happy, easy-going babies in the entire universe and I am so proud to be your auntie. Thank you for deciding to walk for the first time at my house so that I could share in that moment! Thanks to your mommy and daddy for doing such a great job raising you... you could not be more of a joy. Seeing you and Jake play together just makes my heart melt, and I think one day we'll have to find a way to live much closer so that we can get you two together more. Nothing would make your mommy and me happier.

As I post this, however, it makes me realize that in a mere seven weeks, I'll have a one-year-old in my house, too. One whole year that went by far too fast, but was filled with more love and great moments than ever. I better enjoy my "infant" while I still have one!

Oh, and happy belated birthday to my sweet, sweet Nana, too! We love you!


  1. Happy Birthday, Adam! You don't know me, but I blog stalk you from time to time because you are close in age to our son (1 year old in 2 weeks). I hope you enjoy your cake and get many fun presents! You sure are one handsome little guy :)

    PS- Kim, I think you and your sister should have a reunion in Knoxville sometime! ;)

  2. Channa, that would be awesome! I promise you if I ever make it that way we are spending some time together! :)