Monday, January 31, 2011

Here it comes...

I was beginning to think that the Northeast was going to get all of our snow this year.  Over the past few months it seems that my sister in Kentucky and friends in Nashville have been getting more than we have!  And then I read that South Bend, Indiana got two feet??!!  Wow!  Now I'm not really sure what a "normal" winter is like here in Small Town, Illinois since this is only my second one, but I am pretty sure that we're supposed to (logically) get more snow than our friends in the south.

Thank you, Mr. Weatherman, for proving me wrong.  Apparently we're in for some good stuff tomorrow:

Yep, that's right... 12 to 18 inches headed our way!  Yowza!  Apparently the sky has been waiting to just dump it all on us at one time rather than in these little 2 and 4 inch showers we've been getting over the past few months.  To say I'm a little giddy would be an understatement.  In my opinion, if it's going to feel like the arctic tundra outside, it might as well be snowy.  And believe me, it feels like the arctic tundra.  I know that I have many friends up here who are moaning and groaning about the impending blizzard (can I call it a blizzard?  I might have to look up what needs to happen in order to refer to it as a blizzard.  That sounds way more exciting than winter storm), but I say bring it on!  Sure, the roads will be bad until the plows get out, but I don't have anywhere to be, so that doesn't really mater too much.  And sure, we'll have to shovel (and by we, I mean Josh) but that's why we invested in our snowplow, which lucky for me is his new favorite toy.  I don't see any reason to complain.

And the best part (in my opinion) about the snow?  Those lovely snow days.  Granted, I "work" in Miami, so I won't necessarily have one, but it's a lovely treat when the world around us shuts down for a day and the hubby gets to stay home.  He'll do some work from here, but seeing his face all day long makes my day a little happier.  

So blizzard?  I say, "yes please!"  And that goes for the kind from Dairy Queen, too!  This post just officially made me hungry.


  1. We're supposed to get another 18-24 inches in South Bend. This winter has been so ridiculous for us! But I love it!

    (and now I'm hungry too. mmm... blizzard...)

  2. EEEH! (That is me squealing :)) I am giddy for you! Enjoy your blizzard - hope you guys stay safe and warm! FUN!!! (Says the girl who lives in a city where 1/4 inch shuts everything down ;))