Monday, January 17, 2011


This morning I woke up at my leisure since my usually early-rising baby slept in. Light snow has been falling all day and we already have about four inches on the ground. My best friend came in town yesterday and made our traditional feast of chocolate chip pancakes and strawberry milk. My husband left me the sweetest card on the counter before heading into work for a couple of hours. I got to take a long, hot shower and take my time drying my hair and pampering myself later. We have plans to drop Jake off with some good friends and go out to a nice, Italian restaurant tonight.

So far, thirty has been pretty incredible. I know some people freak out about it, but surprisingly, I never went through that. I welcomed it with a smile after a refreshing night of sleep. My twenties were marked with too many emotional ups and downs to count. From finishing college to figuring out who I was created to be to going through some seriously bad relationships to finding the one life-changing relationship (well, two really since my husband introduced me to who Christ
truly is) to having a baby, I went through a lot. Even though amazing life-changing events came at the end of my twenties, I'm not going to miss them too much. As I enter this new decade, I know without a doubt who I am. I know that I was created on purpose and for a purpose, which after a lot of prayer, I am discovering more and more. I wake up each morning next to a man who loves me with all he has. I spend my days with a baby boy whose smile lights up my insides and lifts me up. Thirty is a wonderful place to be. My thirties will be filled with many special days and exciting journeys. Thirty is not old... in fact, I think it's the start of a new journey. I welcome it with open arms.

PS - I know my posting has been few and far between... there is no excuse and I promise to return to the blogosphere soon. I have enjoyed my hiatus and have spent much more time playing on the floor with my son and cuddling on the couch with my husband. Sometimes a little break is nice, but I do miss my blogging buddies, too, and look forward to returning soon. Love to all my readers!

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