Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Birthday to....


People say that you will never understand how much you can love a child until you have your own. Even though I will not experience that until next spring, I can honestly say that the amount of love that I have for this little dude fills my heart to the brim and I cannot believe that he has been around for seven years already! Where does the time go?

Kyle, you're a bright spot in so many dull days and I wish that we lived closer to you to enjoy your antics more often. You're goofy, silly ways make everyone laugh and I have a hard time not giggling when your mom scolds you (probably because whatever you did or said to get in trouble was hilarious to start with). You're the world's best cuddle monkey and have moments of sweetness that could melt anyone's heart. We might be a few states away, but today we are celebrating the boy that you are and the boy that you are becoming. It won't be long before you have new little cousins who will look up to you and think that you are the coolest boy in the world (aside from your brother of course). We hope you enjoy your big day and that #7 is a special one. We love you, kiddo!

And just for fun... here's a little look back:

Just look how small you were! How can you possibly be SEVEN already??? I know your mother is thinking the same thing!

There's that grin that I've always loved... it's the one that makes us wonder what mischievous ideas are going on up in that little noggin of yours.

Oh those big brown eyes... how they let you get away with anything!

You make me laugh. End of story.

Kyle and Uncle J-Money (who is so cool... I believe he rocks the world and plays in the pool?). The two of you together is a dangerous combination!

We love you so much, Kyle and we can't wait to see you again soon! Have a happy day, buddy!

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