Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A New Favorite Festival

The Midwest seems to be filled with festivals... there's the Corn Festival, the Pumpkin Festival, the Autumn Festival, the Scarecrow Festival... the list goes on and on. But when we moved to Small Town, Illinois, it was just by luck that we hit the jackpot of all of them- PAINT THE TOWN!!!

Josh and I really did not know what this day was all about, but it's the talk of the town. People from surrounding towns look forward to this event all year and 20,000 people come to this town of 5,000 to participate! There are bands and good eats like every festival should have and it all happens right on Main Street. The town blocks off Main Street (and the surrounding streets since the event has outgrown Main Street) and paints squares all the way down the road. Anyone can buy a square and paint it however they want. The paint comes with the registration, so really you just have to show up and find your place! Kids run around absolutely covered in paint (some just paint themselves and not the square) but having a ball and the artwork ranges from a big ol' mess to complete masterpieces. By the end of the afternoon, the entire street (as well as most of the storefronts) are covered in artwork and it's certainly a sight to see. We did not purchase a square this year, but you better believe that I will be making my mark on Main Street in 2010!

Here are a few photos and a short (but very well done) video of the event... they do it much more justice than my description ever could!

And Josh's favorite part of the day? Having an office on Main Street which allowed him to meet EVERYONE who walked by. That's my boy!

Oh how we love the small town life!

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