Wednesday, September 30, 2009

She's Done It Again!

It's the BIG CHOP all over again! Ever since we met, Josh has said that he would love to see me with short hair. He had seen pictures of me with short hair from college, but had never seen it in person. You see, in college my hair was actually the longest it had ever been since I was a kid, but after a friend of mine donated hers to Locks of Love, I looked into it and thought I'd go for it. Fast forward six years later and I'm at it again... and this time, it means much much more to me. I did a little more research this time around and found that Pantene also has a program, but your hair is donated to women instead of children. Don't get me wrong, I love children, but after living with my mom while she went through chemo and knowing how her fabulous wig made her feel better about it, the idea greatly appealed to me. My family has seen three women battle cancer, including my Aunt B who is currently fighting, and I realize that there is a very good chance that my sisters or I might have to face the ugly "C" word one day in our future. Cancer stinks, and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon (although we all hope and pray that it does!), so chopping off my hair again for a woman who needs it tugs at my heart strings these days. I hope and pray that the woman who receives the wig that my hair is a part of feel stronger, empowered, more secure, confident, and beautiful every time she puts it on. Because what is more beautiful than a woman who is beating cancer? As much as I despise the illness, I admire and adore those who conquer it. In those moments, it is really great to be a woman.

So without further to do...
Here is the unveiling of the BIG CHOP 2009.

And a flashback to the first BIG CHOP 2003...
not a whole lot has changed!

And just for fun (although she might kill me)... a photo of my mom in her fabulous wig! As a funny sidenote, she had more compliments on her hair while she had her wig on than ever in her life. She one time looked at me and asked, "Was my hair really that bad before?" Hilarious... and it kind of makes me want one for those bad hair days!

But even better... my mom these days post-chemo. And we all LOVE the sassy gray! She is one hot mama, but even more so, one beautiful survivor! We love you, Mom!

Check back in 2015... I just may do it all over again!


  1. Oh Kim, I'm so happy I saw this! I remember the first "big chop!" Yes, a lot has changed, but not your big heart. Cancer is a huge part of my life too, unfortunately. I have lost 2 aunts and a grandfather to Colon Cancer, and also a dear friend just this past June. She was only 29. She also loved her sassy wig that matched her sassy personality! I sometimes feel that I'm doomed to deal with "the big C" in my future too, but we have to keep the faith and know that it's in God's hands. Thanks for posting this!