Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy happy birthday to...

My wonderful husband. It was a pretty low-key weekend, but we managed to have some fun. Ben and Angie came to visit from Wisconsin, we had a surprise cake and gifts after church, and I made Mawmaw's famous cookies (which were quite a task!). He claims that he doesn't need anything special for his birthday, but he is certainly a special man who deserves the world. Here are just a few things that makes him who he is... he seriously has the best sense of humor of anyone I know; in a crowded room he will find the one person who doesn't look to be having a good time and turn their day around; he never puts himself first; he is certainly a man of God and spends hours each morning pouring over the Bible, praying, and watching sermons; if someone is in need, he's the first to be there and ask how he can help; he loves to give hugs; he's good at everything he tries (which aggravates me to death); he misses hanging out with my mom :); if he's excited about something, everyone will know it in a matter of minutes; he makes a darn good pot of chili; he's very handy around the house; he sees the finished project before most people can even see the vision; he inspires me (and others) to be better, work harder, and not settle for anything other than the best I can be. So yes, he's a special, special man... but my favorite thing about him? He's mine.

I love you, Joshua. Happy birthday... it's going to be an awesome year!!!

Little Joshy... so cute!

Too cool for school

High school all-star

Air Force days

Frat-Boy Haircut
27... and more handsome than ever

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