Monday, September 7, 2009

The County Fair

And so begins the blog posts that I'm WAY behind on! I know a certain reader is anxiously awaiting the "Bathroom - Before and After" post, but unfortunately we still have a little bit more work to do before that one is ready. So this one will have to do for now!

Soooo.... the fair! Let me start by saying that my family spent six years in a small town in Louisiana and the fair was the highlight of the year... chili pies, the Radar, the double ferris wheel, the livestock... so many great memories that make me a bit nostalgic. So I was probably more excited for the fair than the average person and was like a wacko tourist who took pictures of EVERYTHING!

So the highlights? Well, there was the chainsaw competition, barrel racing, the draft horses, a crazy type of horse racing where the jockeys ride on little carts, the funnel cake, the carni-games, and of course the rides. My hubby was a perfect date and won me a stuffed animal and while the youth kiddos dragged him on the zipper, I had the perfect excuse to stay safely on the ground (this baby is already coming in handy!). While it wasn't quite the same as the fair from my childhood, it was certainly a good time and something I will look forward to every year here in Small Town, Illinois.

Oh, and just so you can see for yourselves:

CLEARLY this one should win! Someone did this with a chainsaw!
Horse racing... the jockeys are riding on little carts behind the horses. Strange.

The winning draft horses... he's an Iowa State Fair champ, too!

We are pretty convinced these games are rigged!

But yes, he still won a stuffed animal for me!

The Zipper... better him than me on that thing!

A barn full of bunnies. Just what every fair needs.

What do they FEED these things???

Mmmm... funnel cake. The perfect end to the day! Until next year...

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