Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Nothing says summer like ice cream... and I have a new favorite place!
Sure, we may not have the Marble Slab or Cold Stone (or even Baskin Robbins for that matter), but where else but a small town can you find the cutest old-fashioned ice cream shop?

And it is complete with the old fashioned soda fountain... definitely worth the trip!

Although, the next best thing (and they are EVERYWHERE here) would of course be the good ol' DQ. Florida never had many Dairy Queens, but considering there is one on every corner here, my love for the Blizzard is growing back to the size of my childhood days. And now they have Girl Scout Tagalong Blizzards... are you kidding me??? Talk about DELISH! But our best trip has been with our new friends, Mike and Jen, and their three cutie-pies!

Josh and Noah (above) / and Mike and Noah (below)

Jen and Leah... I could steal her. Leah that is- but Jen is pretty cool too! :)

Me and Isaiah... this kid is hilarious. Look for him in sales one day soon.

Next up on my ice cream tour of the Midwest??? Whitey's Ice Cream in Moline... super duper Midwestern friend of ours has highly recommended it. Maybe I can send some to Florida on dry ice... now that's an idea for Christmas! So visit us anytime folks... you're guaranteed to get all the frozen treats your little heart (and tummy) desires!

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