Saturday, June 20, 2009

We made it!

After 23 straight hours of driving, we are home! We left at about 2:20 AM on Tuesday, June 16th and arrived Wednesday morning around 1:00 AM. We had originally planned on stopping somewhere along the way to sleep, but we were too excited. Not only that, but Teeny was being an angel in the backseat and slept pretty much the whole way, so we thought we'd keep on truckin'! We arrived home at 1 am and Minnie Pearl was SO happy to see us (but even more happy to see her sister). Josh carried me over the threshold and we raced from room to room to see the house. I was AMAZED at how much he had moved in and put away... it looked awesome! It was a perfect start to our lives here in Illinois.

She ran like a dream... Josh painted the back windshield when we stopped for gas

Love the addition on that ring finger

Are we there yet???

FINALLY! But we still had several hours more to go after this!

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