Saturday, June 20, 2009

Home Sweet Home

SOLD! Even though we closed on the house the week before the wedding, Josh made sure to keep the sign in the front yard. Folks, you are looking at two first time home owners and we couldn't be more proud or excited. Things are finally coming together and we're figuring out where everything goes, even though I continually change my mind. We used some of our wedding gift money to buy a couch and chair for the living room (THANKS!!!) and our biggest battle now is keeping the pups from sleeping on it. Yes, Mom, we need Minnie's chair at the new house!

Everyday the house feels a little more like a cozy little place of our own and it's sinking in that this is our wonderful reality! We are so very blessed. The downstairs is pretty much completely done (pending a few pictures getting hung) and the upstairs still has a long way to go as we figure out closet and drawer space. But even so, Josh has made a video so you can all tour the progress... please ignore the mess!

So that's about it for now... we'll update more on the house as it comes along. And I'm saving all of the painting for when we have company! :) It truly is our home sweet home already. We can't wait until you visit!

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