Friday, June 26, 2009

A Warm Morrison Welcome

Wow... that's all I can say about the welcome we received from the folks here in Morrison. On Tuesday night, our future congregation gathered for our monthly get-together and worship service. I had met a lot of the Morrison gang on previous visits, so it was good to see old faces and meet some new folks. They are all so overwhelmingly pleasant and excited that we're here and they've really made this move easy for us both. After the gathering, it's tradition to go over to the country club for 99 cent tacos (although they've recently raised the price to *gasp* $1.25 each!) and the ENTIRE group headed over... we're talking about 100 people heading over! Little did we know, they had pre-planned a welcome/wedding reception for the two of us complete with dinner for everyone, cakes, gifts, and best of all, a quilt that some of the ladies here had made. It's awesome- everyone signed a square and added their favorite Bible verses (which I look forward to looking up!). And guess what? Yes you guessed it... Kim Mauney definitely asked them if she could learn to quilt. So my new Monday night activities will include becoming a quilter extraordinaire... Illinois State Fair here I come! So life here is good... it's completely different than where we came from, but really great. I start work again on Monday and Josh is now keeping regular hours at his Morrison office so we're looking forward to establishing a bit more of a routine, although I will miss the time off. But for now, we're just enjoying the warm welcome and looking forward to serving these amazing people.

THANK YOU to all of the Morrison folks for the best welcome we could ask for!

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