Monday, October 8, 2012

The Family Profession

Look out world, I think we have another preacher-in-the-making in the family! Last night at our Newcomer's Gathering, Jake was sitting at a table in the back watching his Daddy on stage (which he sees quite often). He was talking quietly to me, mostly pointing out letters that I was drawing for him, and Josh decided to call him up on stage and introduce him. First off, let me just say that Jake looooooves the stage, which he comes by honestly on both sides (yes, even me, in my younger years anyway). He knows that he is not allowed to play up there, so Josh's invitation made his day! As soon as he was up there, everyone clapped and my son litterally took a bow... and I have no clue where he learned that! It was awesome! And then he decided that he needed a microphone (something else he's not allowed to play with) and as soon as we got one in his hands, a little star was born.

Check out Jake's preaching debut... it was quite possibly our proudest parenting moment to date:


  1. Oh my gosh, that was adorable!! My favorite part is the end "Ah-men." LOL

  2. How precious was that?!! Proud Mommy and Daddy for sure!

  3. He is sooo cute! What a proud moment:) Love! reflections back in order yet?? Miss reading(and linking) No pressure...just curious?? Miss you lots!!

  4. Thanks, gals... I know I'm going to cherish this little video forever!

    And Laurel, just for you I posted a new topic today! :) Thanks for the kick in the butt that I needed!