Thursday, October 18, 2012

Reflections - Time Commitment

This is very fitting. The topic this week is about time commitments and it's 11:09 PM on the day that my "Reflections" post is supposed to be up. Even more ironic is that posting this every Thursday is an ongoing commitment that I put on myself!

In an effort to do this post justice and actually make it thoughtful, I am going to put it off for another week. Why? Well, because this week has been totally out-of-control crazy. Sometimes I feel like I could say that every week, but when I look back on my week, it really wasn't that bad. This week, however, I've been up way too late every night (including tonight) and getting up before the kiddos to get a little me-time in. Our first TPC Women's Retreat is this weekend and all of my free time has been poured into ensuring that it's going to be a great event with relevant teaching. And then of course there's just the everyday joys of being a mom and my 9-to-5 that I do from home. This week, the blog took a hit... sometimes you just gotta choose what ball to drop.

The point is, sometimes it's okay to let a ball drop, even if it's a ball that you really love, as long as it's for the right reasons. I firmly believe that it's important to keep your commitments and be somewhere when you're supposed to be there, but some weeks the housework has to go by the wayside or maybe it's working out or (in this case) blogging. But when you drop a ball, make sure you're using that found-time to do something constructive and worthwhile.

The best part about planning for this retreat is that I have spent more time in my Bible than I have in a long time. I've spent more time praying and giving mini-sermons in my car as I drive Jake back and forth to pre-school (oh no, I'm turning into my husband!). But I also feel like I've made room for him to speak to me... I've cleared some space for Him, and in just a week I can feel His nearness. So often I know that this is all he needs- more of my time- and nine times out of ten I'm just too "busy" to listen.

My challenge to you this week is to take a look at all you're juggling in your life and see if there is one that you can drop, even if it's temporarily, in order to spend that time with Him. As the creator of time, I think God deserves a little more of ours, don't you?


  1. well said wonderful friend:) well said! See you next thursday...have a great retreat:)

  2. As always, great post! I have too many balls I am juggling and not sure which one could be dropped. After this crazy week, I might just drop! ;)

  3. Thanks, ladies! Life really does just get out of control sometimes, but sometimes saying "no" to something is the best thing we can do for our sanity!