Thursday, October 11, 2012

Reflections... back on track

It's already mid-October and this month is flying by! In fact, the days are going so quickly, that I did not even realize until today that I completely forgot about posting a Reflections topic last week... whoops! Then again, Lilly has decided to stop sleeping during the night (seriously, I love you child, but enough is enough!) and I've started working out again (groan!), so I'm not firing on all cyllinders these days... please accept my apologies! But thanks to my dear friend, Laurel (who also seems to think that this month is flying by), I was reminded that at least one of you looks forward to these posts as much as I do! So she and I, as well as whoever else would like to join us, will be reflecting together this week and then applying it to our lives in next Thursday's post (if we remember- haha!):
So this week, please join me in reading a blog post from the fantastic blog of Lysa TerKeurst titled The Rip Current of People Pleasing.

Why am I choosing this and what do I want us to get out of it? Well, over the past couple of weeks my husband and I have been talking a lot about commitment- not about commitment to each other, but what we commit to others. Are we overcommiting? Are we doing it for the right reasons? Or are we just people-pleasing? As I was planning for our church's upcoming Women's Retreat (which I am totally stoked about by the way!) I stumbled across this post on people-pleasing and like the perspective that she offers, so I thought it would make a good weekly topic.
Sooo... having read that, how are you doing in terms of people-pleasing? Are you pleasing the right people for the right reasons? Are these commitments pleasing to God? Can you find any reference to this in the Bible?
Oh so many questions... don't feel like you have to answer them all or post within these parameters, but I'd love for you to post on the topic next week and share your thoughts! And if I don't overcommit myself this week, my post will be up next Thursday, too! Hope to have some fun stuff to share before then, too!
Have a lovely evening... and hooray for tomorrow being Friday!!

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