Thursday, October 25, 2012

Reflections - De-Stressifying

Happy Thursday! Know what I love about Thursdays? That it's ONE DAY 'til Friday. Oh, and that we meet here for Reflections... that, too, of course! I must admit though that I'm ready for my dear friend Brittany to come back and do this with me again... I sure do miss her since she's been on a blog-hiatus, but with everything that has happened in her life in these past months, I think it was a much-needed break! It's not my story to tell, but let's just say that her family has been through a lot of stress, a lot of changes, but I think the dust is finally settling and things are (slowly) getting back to a new normal. I am just thankful that she has such strong faith and that this season has not shaken her at all. Just one more reason that I love her.
But enough sappy-talk for the day... let's get to it!
This past weekend at our women's retreat, all lessons, scripture, etc. focused around de-stressing your life. Whether your married, single, a parent, a student, or what-have-you, stress can be all around. I think it's how we choose to deal with the stress and the perspective around it that makes all of the difference in the world. This week I hope that you'll evaluate the "stresses" in your life with me and share what helps keep your world peaceful. Whether it's scripture, meditation, your quiet time, yoga, you name it, I'd love for you to share what balances you out. Or maybe you have yet to find a way to de-stress your life and constantly feel like you're running on a hampster wheel... that's okay, too, and hopefully you can find some clarity in someone else's post and suggestions. So chew on that this week and we'll meet right back here next Thursday to share... deal?
Alright... sounds like there is a little boy in this house that has found my iPhone, so I gotta go to battle. Just another "stress" in this daily life of mine!

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