Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Summertime Blues

Since I have now spent two weekends watching football, pulled out our fall decor, and am planning to make chili this weekend, it seems that fall is upon us. I have to say that this year it's harder than ever to say goodbye to summer. Maybe it's because we have little ones now or maybe it's because we live near family, it just seemed like a good ol' fashioned American summer here in the bluegrass- lots of time spent with friends, a trip to the beach, many barbecues, and a few races thrown in here and there... it was perfect. So before I can say goodbye and welcome in a new season, let's take a look back at some of the fun things we did in summer 2012.

We caught a couple of games at the ballpark to see the Lexington Legends

Complete with fireworks... Jake's favorite part!

 We spent A LOT of time in the backyard (and in Pawpaw's!)

Photo look familiar?

 We checked out some local festivals and events and had fun 
even when they didn't go over with Jake how we thought they would! 

We spent many evenings at the brand new park by our neighborhood...
fun for the kids and for the adults!

We definitely put a lot of miles on this thing... the kids love their wagon!

We managed to squeeze in a few races: the Nashville full marathon (Josh), the Flying Pig Half Marathon (me), the Bluegrass 10K (me), and topped it off at IronMan (Josh... I'm not that brave!).

Kicked back and enjoyed some live music on a Friday night at the winery.
Ok, this only happened once and it was me and a group of girls, but it was such a 
nice night that I wish we had done it more so I thought it was worth mentioning!

Mmmm... fresh fruit!  A favorite summer staple.

We proved that any backyard can be made into a water park in the eyes of children...
and boy do our children just love the water!

Took our little daredevil to the fair and he rode everything he was allowed to and loved every minute!

Nothing says summer like ice cream!


And lots...

And LOTS of ice dream

Went road trippin'

And got to see almost all of the family!

As well as take some R&R time with just our little foursome

Looking back at it now, I can totally see why I'm not sure if I want this summer to end.  But as they say, all good things must come to one, right? Besides, if we keep up that pace, we're going to just end up like this all the time:

Thanks for enduring my "What I did on my summer vacation" presentation! Now bring on fall!


  1. Is that the best family picture we managed to get from that day? Haha, oh well. At least we have something. :)

  2. I love all of these pictures! Even though I'd seen some of them before, it was fun to see them in a summary of summer post. You certainly did have some great times! Now, bring on fall fun!! I think a trip to the midwest is in order. ;)