Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lil is One!

The phrase "kids grow up so fast" becomes so true once you have your own, and particularly with your second. If I thought Jake's first year of life flew by, it was nothing compared to Lilly's... I do not know where the time went and am a wee bit sad that my baby girl is one today. And at one, she might be the sweetest little thing on the planet, and I don't just say that because I'm her mom. In fact, there are a number of people who have offered to take her off of our hands and raise her as their own (they're kidding of course... at least I think they're kidding!). So in an effort to freeze this moment in time forever, here is what our sweet Lilly-Bug is up to at one year.  Lilly you are...
All smiles all the time! You only fuss when you don't want to go to bed, which is rare, but happens on occassion. And when you don't want to go to bed it's because you just don't want to let your family out of your sight. You'd sleep between your mama and daddy every night if we let you, but we've learned that you'll kick us both in the face multiple times if we let that happen!
You love to play peek-a-boo. In your variation, you hide your face behind something and pop up or out from wherever you were. You squeal in delight every time.

Speaking of squealing, you are just so darn ticklish, but you squeal before we even get our hands to you in anticipation! You also love to smack it away, which makes you laugh the hardest.
You say several words including Dada, Mama, Jace (Jake), What?, What's this?, Baby, and your favorite, which is Uh-Oh. You love to drop things on purpose just to use that one.
You love to clap and cheer, especially when you see others doing it and you love to blow kisses (mmmm-mah!). You also shake your little booty when you hear music. It's my favorite.
You can stand on your own without support, and we can see you contemplate whether to take a step, but then you drop down and crawl. You are a fast crawler and an expert at the stairs! You've also started climbing lately and even got yourself onto the coffee table! We think you could probably walk if you tried, but you are just so cautious! Then again, brother knocks you down all the time, so we can't blame you there!
Your favorite foods are ice cream, yogurt, and macaroni and cheese. You love vegetables but have a massive sweet tooth, too!
You can still fit into your 9-month dresses and a couple of shirts, but you're already growing out of 12-month pajamas and pants. You're still very round around the middle, so we've upped you to 18-month-wear in that department.
You love to put shoes on. Too bad we have none that fit your wide, pudgy, and oh-so-delicious footsies.
If we ask you "How big is Lilly?" you throw your hands in the air as to say "So big!" You love it!
If I am in the room or within eye-sight, you want to be right next to me. I literally have to hide if someone else is holding you and then you warm up to the idea. But you don't love anyone as much as you love your brother... he is your whole world, even when he's tackling you and knocking you down!
Lil-Bug, your daddy and I cannot get over how much you have stolen our hearts. Love seems like too small of a word to describe what we feel for you and I literally want to squeeze you until your eyes pop out and kiss your cheeks until they're raw... I just cannot ever get enough. God knew we had our hands full with your firecracker brother, so He sent us a calm, easy-going little girl to balance the family and man is our little foursome perfect... I have never been happier in my life. Thank you for being our daughter. I know you're going to continue to steal the hearts of everyone around you and use that gift for great things someday. You can do anything you want to do, be anything you want to be, and accomplish anything you set your mind to. I'm more proud of you already than you'll ever know. Have a very happy first birthday my love... thanks for making this family so happy!
All my love,
PS - As I mentioned, peek-a-boo is her favorite... see for yourself!  You'll also see the "How big is Lilly?" game if you watch 'til the end.

PSS - My niece or nephew needs to hurry up and get here before baby fever sets in again! This family is not ready for a third!


  1. Aww, so hard to believe that sweet little girl is one already!! You are so right that the second one grows up faster. Everyone says it but of course you don't believe it until it happens to you. Happy birthday, Lilly!

    1. I know... it's so unfair, isn't it?

  2. Wow, she is just the cutest little bug! Hard to believe she's already 1! The time really flies with the second one. Hope sweet Lilly had a great birthday :)