Tuesday, September 4, 2012

11 Questions

I'm not sure how I missed it, but a week or two back my friend Jan tagged me for one of these blog questionnaire things. It's actually pretty convenient that I came across it today because I have been trying to figure out what my next post would be... so here goes!
1. Describe one event in your life that was life-changing.
This might be pretty obvious, but meeting my now-husband was the biggest turning point in my life. He put up a lot from me, but has really helped pave the way for who I am today. Before I met him I lived for me and my happiness only. I thought I was in a right relationship with God, but my actions Monday thru Saturday were not showing any evidence of it, and my idea of being a Christian was just going to church every Sunday. Or most Sundays. Okay, okay... some Sundays on occasion. We actually butted heads quite a bit over a lot of things, but it was only because he has helped me to grow so much, in my faith and just in general. I'm still a work in progress, but thanks to his help, persistence, and forgiving ways I now live to put others before myself and try to make decisions that are for the better good of this world rather than just for me. I see everything through a different lens now and filter my decisions through my faith rather than my selfish desires. Plus, the changes that came after meeting him (engagement, marriage, two babies, three moves, two church plants, and much more!) have provided us with the time of our lives!

2. If you could choose one animal and one animal only for a pet, what would it be? 
There was a time when I would have said a horse, but now that I'm older I realize that the best kind of horse is the one that someone else owns and lets you ride on occasion. So I'd just have to go with the good ol' fashioned family dog- it's man's best friend afterall.

3. Name someone that inspires you and explain why.
I have so many these days that it would be difficult to pick just one. Currently it would probably be Christine Caine- an evangelist from Australia who is not only a dynamic speaker and teacher, but also the founder of the A21 Campaign, which is an organization with a mission to abolish human trafficking in the 21st century. I am just amazed that this woman speaks at conferences all over the world, manages this huge organization and is even in the trenches at times, and still manages to keep her husband and two daughters in the balance. I have had the privilege of meeting her once and truly hope our paths cross again in the future. If you've never heard of her, go buy one of her books, visit her ministry blog, or download one of her podcasts... like right now! Oh yeah, she's a workout junkie, too, which pretty much smashes my "I don't have time" excuse to pieces!

4. How would your life change if you suddenly became a millionaire?
Oh geez... it would definitely get crazier if anything! Sure, I'd invest some, pay off debt, etc., but then I'm pretty sure my family and I would just spend time going into the mission field or adopting enough kids to start an orphanage. Long gone are the days that I would just spend it on "stuff" (although I'm sure I'd purchase something pretty here and there).

5. How many toenails have you lost/had turn black from running? (I had to do it)
Oddly mine don't turn black... but I have had about 2 fall off. It's usually my second toe although after I did the Goofy Challenge (a back-to-back half marathon and marathon) I lost about half of my big toe. I did not know it was possible, but a lady at the nail salon I (rarely) went to was able to put a fake one on it somehow until it grew out. Granted, we lived in Florida at the time and so it was flip-flop season year round. I don't think it would matter quite as much living here.

6. How many hours of sleep a night do you need to function like a normal person?
As much as I can get- seriously. I wish it were less, but I need at least eight. I'm in the process of trying to train my body to need less... we'll see how it goes.

7. Finish this sentence with something you’ve actually done: “I never thought I’d _____.”
"Marry a pastor." I actually say that all the time. In the past year I've also added "live in Kentucky." Never say never... God usually has other (better) plans for you.

8. Which T.V. or movie family would you love to be a part of?
I LOVE the movie "The Family Stone," but oddly enough, I am a part of a family just like that already. I honestly think they wrote that movie about Josh's family and holidays with them are loud, crazy, and full of surprises. I really love any movie or show with big families like that... who knows, maybe we'll have one of our own someday. Or maybe we'll just be a family of four. Only time will tell.

9. If you had 24 hours 100% to yourself, what would you do?
My first instinct would be to say "sleep", but I honestly think I'd go for a long run, soak in a hot tub, and then spend the rest of the day writing and working on photo books- boring I know, but they are the things I put off for "later" when real life calls.

10. What is your first memory of loving to run? (assuming that’s happened haha)
I fell in love with running during my freshman year of high school. The track coach asked a few girls from the dance team to try hurdling, since it's a lot like leaping I guess? I didn't end up being the choice hurdler on the track team, but I did learn that I had great speed for middle distances- like the 400 and the 800 meters. Our 4x4 relay team took fourth in the state that year and I was hooked. Then we moved to a high school with no track team so distance running became more of a hobby and a way to clear my mind. Now it's just alone-time away from my kids and the piles of laundry and that makes it absolutely blissful.

11. Which elite runner would you love to have as a training buddy if you were at that level?
Oh goodness, I have no idea! What I will say is that I love having a training partner and think it makes a world of difference. In my case, however, I have always been the stronger runner and would love to just train with someone who would really push my limits to the max. I think it would be difficult for me to be in that position because I absolutely love being the coach and encourager, but I'd love to see what I could do if put to the test.
So that's it I guess.  I'm absolutely honored that Jan would think of my blog as one that inspires her, especially since I think the same about hers... it's Running on Fumes and it's awesome if you've never checked it out.  I'm actually not going to continue the trend and tag anyone because I did something similar a few months back and you can check out my questions and tagged bloggers here (if you're really bored and want some heavy reading).
Have a happy Tuesday everyone! I know that I did not get a topic up this week, but bear with me as September is an absolutely crazy month... for everyone I'm sure! I'm hoping to be more consistent with it again later in the fall but for now my Reflections posts will be on hold aside from a random one here and there based on what I'm currently studying. I just want to take a break and enjoy what I'm reading and studying again rather than feeling like I'm doing homework, and hopefully some inspiration for future topics will come from it!  Cool?  I hope so!


  1. Thanks for taking the time to answer, Kim! I was totally thinking of you when I wrote the "I never thought..." question because I knew you'd say "marry a pastor!" LOL

  2. I picture middle-aged Matt and I like in The Family Stone. Big, crazy family. My aunt's family is like that, and we love spending time with them!