Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Art Project

In case you've been wondering how Jake's first few weeks of preschool are going, here is a picture of his very first art project- a momento that every mama should cherish forever:
Hmmm... what does that say?

Oh yes, precious, precious memories and keepsakes... his first art project turned into his first note sent home from his teacher- only three weeks in! This post-it note will be a reminder that he was a stubborn little guy from the start, but he gives his parents a good laugh quite often.

Yep, this is a keeper.


  1. Oh my gosh, I'm dying laughing. That stubborn little guy!!! LOL Definitely keep that one so you can laugh about his "first school art project" for years to come!

  2. The teacher was sweet in the way she wrote the note, though. Not saying he was uncooperative or anything, just "didn't want to."

    I've got a blue post-it note in my purse right now that says "Kate was not very nice at nap time, was making noise and would not stay on her cot." I'm keeping that as a memento of this stage of life as well!