Monday, June 25, 2012


Missing in action?  Maybe a little.  But this week I'm actually IN the MIA (Miami that is) and back to the grind at work.  I fortunate to work from the office in our home all year long, but occasionally I do have to actually come show my face and remind everyone that I still exist!  So this week was no exception.

So what's one to do while away from her kids and family for three days?  Well... first I cried a little... can't even deny that.  Granted, for those of you moms out there who can understand, my hormones have been a bit unbalanced due to weaning Lil before this trip.  I don't think I realized how not ready I was for that until I actually started doing it.  Jake weaned himself, but with Lil I literally had that very last feeding, when I knew in my heart of hearts that it was the last time we'd ever have that special time.  Oh my gosh, I might start crying again... so moving on...

I arrived to the hotel last night around 9:30 in the evening, chatted on the phone with Josh for maybe 20 minutes, turned on the TV, and- you guessed it- fell asleep.  Probably by 10 with a few lights on and before brushing my teeth.  This mama apparently needed her rest!  And on tonight's agenda?  More of the same I can assure you.  It's funny how life changes... get me in a room by myself and I don't even want to watch TV anymore, read, or even peruse Facebook; nope, I just want to sleep.  My family isn't here and it's completely thrown me out of whack, and although I need the sleep for rest purposes, I mostly choose that option because it passes my time here the quickest.  I am one-fourth of an equation now, and the majority of my heart is up in Kentucky, hundreds of miles away from here.  My teenage rebellious self would probably die of a heart attack to read this, but I am not me without them.  I need them just as much as they need me, and I love that about our life.  Blessings come in all forms, shapes, and sizes, but my favorite three (and by far best three) blessings are three of the greatest people I know- one big and two small.  And I can't get home to them soon enough!

I would like to give a big thanks to everyone who is helping with the kiddos and checking in on the hubs this week to make sure he has everything covered.  Again, we are so blessed.  I even heard that a tray of spaghetti was delivered to the house last night, which is so very awesome (and better eats than he gets even when I'm home I assure you!).  I don't think there was much of a point to this post other than to just say that I'm so very thankful for what I have and maybe realize it more when I'm away from it.  Sometimes all it takes is a temporary change of scenery.  To stay-at-home moms out there whose child is frustrating  you to know end, keep in mind that being there with them is ultimately what would fill your heart more than being away from them.  And to all of you who go off to work everyday or travel often, I commend you for that... I know it's not easy.  But in whatever you're doing and wherever you're at, know that it's the place you're supposed to be right now and find joy in it everyday.  This too shall pass and I"ll be home soon enough, so for the next couple of days I'm going to continue to rest, relax, work without interruption, and enjoy these quiet moments while I have them.  

And from what the pictures that I'm being sent show... these two look pretty content without Mom around this week!


  1. Being away from the kids is so tough! Big hugs to you! The big question is, are you doing okay walking in heels?

  2. "My teenage rebellious self would probably die of a heart attack to read this" <-- I give this a little laugh and a huge Amen! I understand your feelings. I'm not Me without Them. Hard to remember that when we're in the thick of it! Enjoy your sleep!

  3. Thinking about you! Hope you enjoy your rest, if nothing else :) Love you, sweet friend!