Saturday, June 9, 2012

Laugh or Cry...

I love these moments in this crazy adventure we call parenthood- you know, when you're not sure if you should laugh of cry.  I wondered why Jake was handling his time-out in his room so calmly and quietly.  And I did smell the strong aroma of baby powder from the top of the stairs.  But somehow, I did not expect to see this when I opened the door to his room!

It apparently snowed on the Island of Sodor.  And if you don't know what that island is, I am a little bit jealous of the fact that you've never had to sit through an episode of Thomas the Train.  Unfortunately, the "snow" was not confined just to the table but also all over the carpet and his bed.  So what's a mom to do?  Grab the camera and then figure out how the heck to clean up this mess.

As a sidenote, if this ever happens to you, be aware that the vacuum cleaner will first blow all of the powder up into the air before sucking anything up.  So basically, it will just redistribute the powder all over the room.  And proof that I have the best babysitter in the world?... she actually cleaned the outside of my vacuum cleaner after all was said and done.  It takes a village folks!  The moral of the story: don't put Jake in time-out.  Or don't put baby powder in his room.  You decide.


  1. "It apparently snowed on the Island of Sodor." I laughed out loud. And, I'm jealous you have a babysitter.

  2. I love Jake's stance in the picture. Like, "huh, look at that." Hope you didn't inhale and choke on the powder!