Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy hump day!  I have never actually participated in "What I'm Loving Wednesday" but life is good right now so I thought, why not?  So here goes...

1. I'm loving that we're having people over tonight and I am trying out a new jambalaya recipe.  My mom does this, too... apparently we have a lot of optimism about how it will turn out if we're willing to serve it to company before testing it ourselves.  It smells delicious.   I'm also quite proud of the beignets that I've made!  Mmmmm....

2.  I have a sitter who has been coming and watching the kids here at the house while I work.  Can I just go ahead and say on here that she is amazing?  Today she even vacuumed my living room... my house is clean, my kids are happy, and I'm getting my work done.  Love it.

3.  Kroger Marketplace.  If you have one near you, don't walk, RUN to it.  Oh my goodness, it has everything, including Starbucks (at least ours does) so I was able to start my morning pretty early today with a latte and some grocery shopping.

4.  Easter is this weekend and I can't help but be excited about all that it represents.  As a Christian, I do feel like it's a bigger deal than Christmas because celebrating the resurrection and the ultimate sacrifice for our sins is why we believe what we believe.  We're hoping to see a lot of new faces at TurningPoint Church this weekend, so if you know of anyone in the Lexington area looking for a place to spend the holiday, send them our way!

5.  The UK Wildcats winning the National Championship!  Okay, you all know I'm a Tennessee Volunteer through and through, by I am in a family of UK alum, so there's a little bit of love there.  And since my Vols were not even in the running, I figured I might as well cheer for the home team now that we call Lexington home.  Besides, as least it wasn't Alabama... again.  I'm definitely over my husband's team being on top.  He's had his turn and it's time for a change.

There are so many other great things happening right now, but those are just a few to share for today.  I hope that you are all having a lovely week!  I'll be back tomorrow with my weekly "Reflections" post and cannot wait to see what topic the fabulous Brittany comes up with for the following one!

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