Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Please Hold...

Please bear with me on my lack of posts this week... work is keeping me quite busy these days.  I was "hired" by the Trump Management company to stay on board with the team at the Doral Golf Resort & Spa (after we were purchased... so really, I'm just keeping my job) and I'm spending plenty of time online... in training.  Yeah, I would much rather be spending time online blogging!  But alas, work does take precedence as my little blog doesn't pay (which would be awesome by the way, wouldn't it?  I'm sure fellow bloggers agree!) so once I get through this transition I plan to give a little more love to the blog.  I am still planning on posting my weekly Reflections tomorrow (join us!  The topic is friendship) and my Biggest Loser progress this weekend, so stay tuned for that.

Thanks for being patient with me... I think we all find ourselves in this predicament at times.  "When life came calling, she put it on hold."  Random side note: that picture and slogan is from a TV show.  Yeah, I have never heard of it either.  Nor have I heard of the network.  Nor do I know when it is on.  If you have seen it and/or heard of it, please comment and let me know because my curiosity about the obscurity of this show is getting the best of me.  I'd love to see if there is some underground following that I am unaware of! 

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