Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What are we feeding them ??!??!!

Sometimes I just gotta get back to the basics and post about the kids... they are my favorite topic you know!  I'm a little behind on this post, but better late than never, right?

At the end of last month we brought both kids (at the same time) for their check-ups- Jake for his two year appointment and Lilly for six months.  Josh arranged his schedule so that he could help me wrestle manage the kids and I'm so glad he was there!  They actually both behaved wonderfully, but with extra hands we were able to snap some photos for their baby books... oh wait, I still haven't done those!  That's why I blog this stuff, people!  Those baby books are on my "someday" to-do list along with about 4,000 other items.  But anyway...

Jake got checked out first and I have never seen our son sit so still!  We stripped him down and as the doctor took his temperature and listened to his chest and lungs, Jake was as calm as a cucumber, which is very unlike him.  He kept giving the doctor these suspicious sideways glances (which, if you've met Jake you've probably seen him do from time to time... I'm still trying to catch that on camera!) and so we were quite entertained.  The only time he had a minor freak-out was when he looked in his ears and mouth, but he got over it quickly.  Here's our heavyweight champion's stats at 2 years:

Height:  37 1/4 inches (98th percentile - is he seriously already over 3 feet tall?)
Weight: 33 pounds, 15.5 ounces (98th percentile)

This boy has permanent bed-head due to SO much hair!  I am somewhat jealous of that mane.

Lilly was up next and laid there like a perfectly content baby should.  The best part though?  This was the first day that Jake really showed a lot of concern for his baby sister.  He made sure to be right up next to her, just to make sure this suspicious looking doctor did her no harm.  Since that day he's really been great with her- puts her pacifier in when it falls out, gets up in her face when she's crying in the jump-a-roo, and sometimes even pats her and says "okay, E" (which is mimicking us when we say 'It's okay, Lilly').  The boy can't say L's yet so her name is tough on her.  I was curious to see how much our little chunky monkey was going to weigh and she did not fail to impress.  Here's Lilly at six months:

Height:  27 inches (90th percentile)
Weight:  19 pounds, 10 ounces (98th percentile - must be those delicious thigh rolls!)

The funniest thing that was said to us was not to worry as to whether our daughter was obese.  Seriously??  Did he really think that I would worry about that?  Maybe he's had some other moms ask as to whether their baby is fat, and that's a sad thing I tell you.  I say the rounder, the better!  Because of her size, the doctor left it up to us again as to whether or not we wanted to start solids with her.  Apparently her au natural diet from mama is quite substantial, as it was the first time around.  I tell you what, if I could jar this stuff that I make and send it to starving children in third-world countries I would!  We've since started giving her one vegetable each night when we all sit around the dinner table together, but not much more.  She grabs at our food sometimes but is still content with nursing for the most part.  Jake weaned himself right before he hit the seven-month mark (basically when he realized that he'd rather crawl around and not stop to eat) so we'll see if she decides to do the same.  For now it's working well for us.

There is no way I could list all of the milestones we're hitting on a daily basis around here.  Jake's vocabulary has pretty much tripled in just the past couple of weeks and he's saying (and repeating) new things everyday!  Plus, we had no idea he knew his numbers since he would never count with us, but suddenly we can't get him to stop.  He picks up phrases from his older cousins and cracks us up with expressions like "Sweet!", "Nice!" and "Score!".  Oh how I love that little man.  Lil is still just as sweet as can be, has mastered sitting up, but still can't get in the position on her own.  She says "Dada" and "Mama," which is music to my ears, and spends a lot of time on all fours trying to figure out how to move.  It will be any day now, and my world is about to be turned upside down I'm sure.  I'm going to just enjoy the days of non-mobililty while I still have that.

Oh, and as a random side-note... the picture above makes it appear that I'm still in maternity pants, which I am not thank-you-very-much.  I do still sport my belly-band from my pregger days since many of my shirts seem to be mysteriously shorter than they used to be.  Or perhaps it's because I have been pregnant and nursing for the past three years, so the last time I bought "normal" person clothes was back when shorter shirts were in style.  Yeah, this mama needs a new wardrobe!  If any of you have suggestions on revamping a wardrobe without breaking the bank, please feel free to share your wisdom!


  1. And you forgot to mention that Sweet Lill's thighs are bigger than both Adam's and Jake's!

    Gotta get down there to see those two very soon. Would love to hear Adam and Jake talking together!

  2. Jake is bigger than Landon! I love it. Can't wait to see you guys next weekend.

  3. Is he really? I thought Landon was a big guy! It will be fun to see them together. Hopefully we can chat today or tomorrow to make plans!