Sunday, December 12, 2010

The 12 Days of Christmas

It seems as if I have a little catching up to do on the first 12 days of December in Mauneyland. So here is what we've been up to so far:
We searched for the perfect tree... (technically this happened in November, but I feel like it's appropriate to mention here):

Sadly we did not end up cutting down our own this year, but after searching through the fields (would it be a field of Christmas trees or something else?) we found this beauty in the barn:

We had some taller help to get her up:

And some smaller help to add the ornaments

He's a big fan of the unbreakable ones we put on the bottom for him

And although we're still partial to last year's tree, we did find another pretty one. We just realized that we're both fans of fatter trees as opposed to taller ones. This year the star actually grazes the ceiling!

Since the tree was up, we also made sure to deck the halls- inside and out
And went downtown to see Santa arrive in the
Christmas Parade

And we even had our first snow...
Just in time to celebrate Christmas with Pawpaw before he headed home
So needless to say, the Christmas spirit is certainly here in Mauneyland. It's most certainly my favorite time of year and we are enjoying the coziness of our home, lit by white lights everywhere. And there is nothing like sitting inside and seeing the snow fall outside... my love affiar with the Midwest continues. So these first 12 days of December have been perfect, and there is still so much more holiday fun to come!

And as for Jake? I haven't really done much of an update post on him lately, but he is still growing like a weed! Make this kid stop! He's been pulling himself up on everything, babbling up a storm, clapping his hands, and just making us smile everyday. Other milestones include...

Reading the menu when we go out to eat (seriously, can your kid do that???)

And dressing a bit like a snob at the country club
Luckily the bottle and the pacifier keep him from looking too grown up at these times! And in just 12 more days, we'll celebrate his very first Christmas as well as his cousin Adam's since he'll be in town. Oh how I just love December!

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  1. Great photos! What kind of camera do you have? JM and I are looking for a "nice" one. I remembered you mentioning it before...