Thursday, December 16, 2010

Snow Daze

On Sunday the weatherman was calling for a blizzard. We weren't necessarily going to get a lot of accumulation, but we had winds of 40mph+, below freezing temperatures, and blowing snow. After much debate that morning, calling other pastors, and hearing that a friend of ours got blown into a ditch out driving that morning, Josh made the decision to cancel services. When I turned on the news it looked as if almost every other church had decided to do the same thing.

So with an entire day of nothing to do ahead of us (which never happens), we watched movies, snuggled on the couch, and just enjoyed our time together as a family. But somewhere in the middle of the day we had the brilliant idea to cut Jake's hair. It had started creeping past his ears and down the back of his neck and there were a few pieces at the crown of his head that could be brushed forward almost to the front! I think they were his last two strands of original hair that I couldn't bear to trim the first time!

Armed with a bottle (which was advice from my sister Mindy) and the clippers, we set to work. Jake is such a wiggler, so I had to keep him distracted and Josh had to work quickly. At first glance upon finishing, we thought we had butchered his hair! From the side he looked like a friar with a weird bowl cut, but once it dried and fell naturally the look went away (thank goodness!). But with a haircut and some boredom we did have a little bit of fun at our son's expense... take a look!

In the chair at Mom and Pop's Barber Shop. I feel like if we opened one of our own, that's what it would be called... has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? We serve free drinks!

Jake's comb-over... looking just like his Great Grandaddy Bullen! (And no, he wouldn't mind me saying that... in fact, Great Mawmaw would have probably pointed it out to everyone anyway)

With it combed straight back, he's a baby version of Christopher Walken:

Yikes! Did someone stick their finger in the light socket?? This is one hair-raising do! This boy can pull off any look, can't he?

But we actually thought it was so darn cute that we left it that way for the rest of the day and took some pictures for our Christmas card (yes, I know we're behind). This is one of the out-takes so I'm allowed to post it... maybe I'll post the rest after our cards get mailed out because there are so many cute ones. Jake wasn't really having much fun, but this one makes me laugh because it looks like a totally posed fake-smile. How does my son know how to fake-smile at 9 months old? What a character! And if this is one of the out-takes I'm sure you're thinking that our Christmas card pictures much be really cute, right?? Right??? :)

We finally did get our cards ordered after I looked through all of them about eighteen times. Estimated date of delivery to our home? December 24th. Nice. I guess I should have ordered New Year's cards like my friend Kristen does every year... I should have known better considering that my nephew's birthday gift from October is sitting on our coffee table. Oh well... maybe next year. You live and you learn I guess.

I hope everyone who had snow had some fun in it! I know that next year Jake will think it's much more fun and we'll actually venture outside!

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  1. ADORABLE! And no one will mind a late card when they see that cutie pie!!! :)

    p.s. I love my 'shout-out'. Hehehe.