Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holiday To-Do's

Well, we all know that the holidays are a big to-do, but along with that comes a growing list of actual "To Do's"! I am actually quite proud of the jump we have on ours this year... my shopping is 75% done, the gifts that I have already purchased are wrapped, the tree is up, the outside lights are lit, and the house is decked out with holiday cheer! Aside from a couple of presents to buy, packages to mail, cookies to bake, and a lot of raking (uh, we skipped that whole annoying part of autumn), the only thing left to do is Christmas Cards! And lucky for me I learned that Shutterfly is going to help us out with them by doing a special for bloggers! I have used the site before to order prints, calendars, and other photo gifts, but their Christmas card collection is uber-cute. I'm pretty indecisive so by the time I narrow it down to a favorite it might be New Years! But here are a few of my favorites:

I could put the many faces of little Jake on this one:

Or a cute family photo on this one:
I love how classic the black and white cards look:

And I love that this one ties in the true meaning of the season:

There are all kinds to choose from, some of them have pictures on the inside and out, and all of them are customized to your liking. Check out the entire collection here! As soon as we get our Christmas picture taken (another thing on that holiday to-do list) you better believe I will be placing my order! And to all of you bloggers, make sure you check out this awesome promotion, so that you can jump in on the fun, too! It's like an early Christmas gift to yourself!

Of all the "To-Do" lists that I have in my life, the holiday edition is definitely the most fun to complete!

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