Friday, March 5, 2010

Showers of Happiness

Somehow in the hustle and bustle of getting ready for baby, I never got around to posting pictures from our wonderful shower! We had originally planned on having it at the youth building at church, but after the great blood clot debacle of 2010 we did not know if and when I would be back on my feet. So... we moved it to our house just in case I was still on bed rest! The good news is that I was up and moving at 100% by then, but we just decided to keep it here as to not change the location again. Let me just say that having a house full of 50+ women was more fun and special than I could ever imagine! It was a day full of smiles, laughter, games, great food, and more love than Josh or I even knew what to do with. Our Crossroads family has become the biggest blessing and has exceeded our wildest expectations. For as much as we (and by 'we' I mostly mean 'Josh') put into this ministry in terms of time, relationship building, and love, we are rewarded ten-fold. Small Town, Illinois truly is home and this baby has more women vying for his attention then he's going to know what to do with! Thank you to all of our Morrison Crossroads family for an incredible day and for all of the gifts! After the shower we are officially stocked and as ready as we're going to be! Now all we need is baby!

The "spread"... yummy!

Thanks to Deb for my amazing monkey cakes!

GIFT TIME! I loved these handmade booties!

I clearly have a few things to learn about mommyhood. I seem to be perplexed by this rubber ducky! We're in trouble.

The gift we've been waiting for! THANK YOU, Connie, for the incredible quilt. It turned out so beautiful and this will be in the family forever! This one got a round of applause when I opened it.

Seriously? Is my belly really THAT BIG???

Yeah okay, maybe it is. Someone needs to lay off the cupcakes!

The cameraman and his apprentice. Josh loved having a houseful of women!

Thanks to my fabulous hostesses! Katie... you're next!

Alright Jake, we're just waiting on you now, buddy!

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