Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy Birthday to...

My favorite red-head!

Many people in this world have sisters, but I'm fortunate to be best friends with mine! Even though she's still in Florida, I had the gift of 5 wonderful years living right around the corner from her and I wouldn't trade them for the world. Mindy is one of the most thoughtful, genuine, kind, quirky (in a good way) people that I know and I am blessed beyond belief to have her in my life. She's a phone call away and is there for me anytime I need her. Not only that, but she's more of a sister to my husband than he could ever ask for. Unfortunately I don't have any embarrassing pictures of her growing up to post (although I should do an entire post on great hair-moments in history of this woman!) but I do have a few favorite things about her to share.

So first off... I love that we can be silly together and that she is as much of a Disney maniac as I am.
She's pretty darn intimidating when she wants to be

Her behavior is sometimes inexplicable, which makes her very funny

She's a great party planner

And I love that we got to experience pregnancy together

And that we could both sport cute little bumps

And mostly, I love knowing that if she could do it, I can, too. And that she's going to be a great mommy to my nephew.

Mindala, we miss you dearly and hope to see you very soon.

Now I need to go dig up some photos for the other sister tomorrow... I love that I get to do these two posts back-to-back. Very convenient, ladies!

Oh, and I guess I should mention that it's Teeny's birthday, too... the red heads have to stick together I guess. Have a happy birthday!!!


  1. Thanks for the love, sister! You know that I feel the same way about you... I just don't have a blog to share it with the world. (What's up with that?)

    By the way, your photos cracked me up! I don't think I have ever seen (or perhaps I just chose to forget) the picture from Michael's birthday extravaganza. Whoo, what a night! Was that taken before or after the guys shared a couch? And for the Disney pic I expected you to say how fun I am when I'm drunk (not that I was in that pic...). Oh, yard of beer, you are missed.

    PS - the Mindy hair montage was featured on Tommy's slideshow in case you missed it. That's public enough.

    Love you!

  2. Oh, yes, and Happy Birthday to my favorite pup! How could I have overlooked that? I am sure Josh did something super special for her. haha