Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dog For Sale

One naughty shiba inu for sale- free or best offer. Likes to run away. Loves to look at you like you're crazy when you scream and yell for her to come back. Will make you look like an idiot in front of your neighbors. There is nothing like feeling like a complete moron who is incapable of controlling an inferior creature.

Sure, Teeny has run away before. Usually she runs to the neighbor's yard or down the street and then she comes back.... not because I call her and she listens, but because she is done exploring. First it was for five minutes, then maybe fifteen, and at the worst it was an hour. I was a wreck during that hour, but old faithful came back home eventually. I used to run after her and then eventually resorted to hopping in the car and trying to follow her as she likes to "go for a ride" and will usually jump in. But last night, at 9:30 pm, this 9-month pregnant mommy wasn't having it. I was done. Besides, she bolted so quickly that I couldn't even see where she went (which was a first... usually she sticks to the same path). So a half hour went by and I was fine. I was sure she'd be back soon. Then another hour passed with no sign of her and I really wanted to go to bed. I went to the back yard, whistled a few times, and did not see or hear her anywhere. Fine, have it your way, I thought. Let's see how well you handle sleeping outside.

So into bed I climbed. All was well until Josh said something totally unrelated to the dog and all of my pregnancy hormones took over in full effect. "The... dog... ran... away" I managed between sniffles. "I... hate... her... so much." I sobbed. Josh offered to go look for her, but I told him not to because I wouldn't even know where to begin to look. She could've been miles from home by then.

Somehow I managed to fall asleep, but between not sleeping well anyway due to the bowling ball I swalled and knowing that my dog was out wandering the streets, it wasn't very restful.

Then... I heard it. Barking. Lots of barking. And then Minnie heard it and ran downstairs. She was back! I glanced at the clock and saw that it was two in the morning! That dumb animal had been running amok for four and a half hours!!! Of course I let her back inside, but then what? Do I kill her? Reward her for coming back even though she worried her mama sick for hours on end? Tie her up and make her sleep outside? Since I was half asleep and had zero energy, I just opened the door, let her in, and went back to bed. Way to be the alpha. It's no wonder she doesn't listen to me.

I wish I didn't love that stupid animal so much. I really do mean it when I say that I hate her because every time she bolts on me, I really do. There is a voice in my head that tells me that it would serve her right if something happened to her. Then, as we found out last night, there's the outpour of tears that tell me that despite her naughty behavior, I love that dumb animal. I can't even imagine how much stronger that love is going to be when it's my own child... it's terrifying and exciting at the same time. And there is no way I'm running after that animal with an infant at home.

So maybe I'm not entirely serious about giving away the dog, but what I can say is this: my mom is coming this week and if she runs away again, there will be a dog in her suitcase on the way home. She's the only person in this world who loves that naughty animal just as much as I do!

**And just as an update (as of 3:15 pm on Tuesday, March 9th), she has escaped once again and is currently roaming the neighborhood. I'm officially back to hating that stupid dog again.***


  1. I feel you! Kiley ran away last week and I was searching my old neighborhood for almost 2 hours- with Brennan! She somehow managed to make it across Palm Ave into Sherrie's neighborhood. Don't ask me how I managed to find her- but I figured it was meant to be, so I took her back. :-) It'll be interesting when she comes to live with me in Coral Ridge and wanders to Christie's all the time. Love you girlie and hope you're able to get some rest.

  2. I can totally relate. Even if I follow Lily, she will run farther away. And remember how I went to someone's house to pick her up and she cowered away from me like we abuse her? SOOOOO aggravating. I think the same thing when she runs off--that it will serve her right if something happens. However, I would be devastated if something did. I hope your Teeny makes it home safely this time. Tell Josh to finish that fence! :)

  3. Sorry to hear that Tini is giving you so much trouble. I know how worrisome it is to know that someone you love is out there and you don't know where she is and just want some assurance she is okay. It is not fun. Of course you are getting into it big time now that you are becoming a mom. At least for a couple of weeks you will have a couple of more chasers. She is a tricky little thing. We didn't call her Houdini when she was down here for nothing. I just hate that she is on the run for both your sakes. Her safety and your sanity. See you tomorrow. Love ya.