Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Birthday to...

Our brother-in-law, Michael! This is a man who...
Wears spandex more than regular clothes,

Loves his wife enough to dress like this:
Isn't afraid of training hard,

Appreciates the value of a good sandwich,

Makes even the most mundane tasks interesting, Teaches his nephews the important skills in life,

Is the only Ironman in the family (for now... who knows, right?) And is now a daddy!

Happy birthday, Mike. We know you already got the world's best gift, so nothing we say or do is even going to compare. Thanks for being you... we love you and miss you so much!


  1. Just looking at the pictures of that Philly Cheese steak makes me hungry... Speed Tour '09 was awesome

  2. A very belated very big THANK YOU for the birthday montage. Looks like I need to take the Boy and get out some to live up to the image. We can't wait to experience MauneyLand in person :) !!!

  3. I'm totally up for Speed Tour 2017. I say we see how many Orlando parks we can get to with the boys in one day. But if you're not up for it, Kim, can you babysit? Maybe Josh and I can see how many Vegas casinos we can hit in 24 hours. As you can see, I'm flexible :)

  4. Up for it? I'll just strap one of our 5 kids (by then if my husband has his way!) on my back and I'm there. Nobody navigates Orlando like me!!! But if Vegas is the ticket, Mindy and I will babysit in exchange for multiple spa treatments! No matter where we go, let's just steer clear of Philadelphia.